Bronx Botanical Garden Surprise Proposal and Engagement Session

New York has a lot to offer regarding engagement photos locations and surprise proposals. Bronx Botanical Garden is one of them. I highly  regret that I’m not visti it more often. The great thing about going there is meeting new lovely people. I should rather say people in love! Martin was planning something special for his girlfriend. As they both agreed Botanical Gardens are their thing and they love to spent time there. This was the first time they came to Bronx one.

Long before he contacted me to set all the details for his Bronx Botanical Garden surprise proposal and after doing my research we came up with the perfect spot for him to propose – The Rose Garden. If you ask why there, the answer would – be because it is beautiful. Unfortunately – despite park staff information the gates were closed. It is worth to check with them before. It was still a great place – don’t get me wrong. The biggest advantage was that it was away from all the crowds visiting the Bronx Botanical Garden just after the Thanksgiving day. 

And so it went. Kylei said “-yes” and didn’t even notice my appearance and camera, which is completely understandable considering all the emotions involved. Right after that we went for a walk and Martin was explaining all the details of how he came up with the idea of surprise proposal and that it would be nice to take some casual candid engagement photos since the occasion was so important.

We were talking, laughing and taking photos in different locations at the Park as the sun was slowly hiding behind the horizon.

I had a great time doing this Bronx Botanical Garden Surprise Proposal. 

I hope to see you at your wedding Kylei and Martin!

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski


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