Central Park Elopement Wedding with Kasia and Daniel


It was Sunday. Sunday fun day. It was one of the most fun Sundays I had in some time. Why? It was a time for Central Park Elopement Wedding

How often it happens to you that you are meeting with a friend on Wednesday and you are doing her friends’ (and mine) wedding photos on Sunday? Not very often – right? I always knew that Central Park Elopement Wedding can be fun but I thought of myself as a person planning every detail and needs to have all set up in advance. Recently I found myself more often than not saying “yes” to things that I didn’t plan, and It still feels like an adventure to me. Spontaneous gatherings where I meet and get to know people, is great.

Kasia and Daniel got hitched in Central Park by the water with a view of the city. Before we started there were numerous boats passing by and looking at the small crowd on the bank of the lake. There was one – rather three that spotted the beautiful bride and stared yelling: “KISS, KISS, KISS”. Shortly after they paddled the boats near us and were rewarded with a selfie with a kissing couple accompanied by the applause of the guests.


The ceremony was short but meaning-full. There were short vows and tears. After short while that seemed like eternity they kissed and put their hands into the air. It was a victory of love after all. What was happening next was a festival of light. The sun going lower and lower, made the photos look very romantic. Kasia and Daniel seemed relaxed and they were just like it was just two of them on the date. Despite crowded Central Park after two parades this day and the police helicopters making round over our heads it seemed so quiet and peaceful. 

Boat ride

The cherry on the top of the cake was a boat ride. Rosehip Social made a beautiful bouquet for the Bride and the boutonnière for the Groom. That is not all! It is so true, that details make all the difference. Just look at their boat – isn’t it hip? I was running around and jumping on the boat to make most of the time, light and the lovely moment of two of them.

It was truly a beautiful day with friends and light. Thank you for letting me be a part of this event!

Last but not least – I can’t omit my fiancé. She was helping any way she could. Lighting the scene, carrying things and helped me capture these photos of Central Park Elopement Wedding. Thank you Monika!

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

Central Park elopement wedding


Elopement portrait of the bride

Portrait of the groom - NYC Elopement

New York elopement wedding


eloping is fun in New York

New York elopement

NYC - Central Park Elopement wedding

Elope in NYC - Elopement ceremony by The Lake in Central Park

Elope in NYC - Elopement ceremony in Central Park

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New York City elopement photos

central park elopement wedding - NYC

Elope in NYC

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