Destination DUMBO. Engagement session far away from home.

Sara and Raymonde where on the way. I should say on the road. Yes! They have been on the road for few days and New York City was on the way. They came all the way from Texas and decided it was a good time for New York candid engagement photos to be taken.

Can you imagine?

Long story short, after a short message exchange Raymonde stated that it looks like I know what I’m doing. They asked me how they should look for their destination engagement and I send them short read on my blog which I recommend everyone to read before having a photoshoot. You can read it here: How to take most from your engagement session 

I knew what Sara and Raymonde were expecting and strolling through the streets of DUMBO was pure pleasure with them. We had plenty of lough and I couldn’t stop taking photos, especially when I saw that Sara had a gorgeous red dress which was complemented by Raymonde red tie. They both took an effort to look like million bucks and just look at them. It payed off! 

You might think you look at models and I thought the same retouching photos but let me assure you this is a real couple and I was happy to capture their genuine smiles, happiness and candid moments. Candid engagement photos can be taken anywhere and it is completely up to you which location you choose. The most important is that, you come open minded, relaxed and ready to celebrate your relationship. This time it was DUMBO and I was happy to spend the time with this couple.

It is still quite warm outside so plan you photoshoot and let me know where would you like to go. 

Thank you for trusting my abilities Sara and Raymonde. I trust we will meet again!

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski/ Soulmates Studio

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