Planting Fields Elopement Wedding

Backyard filled with love

It was right after the storm. Literally! Huracanes were  smacking south coast and New York with Long Island got some of it to. For past few days it was hard to believe how much rain we had. The day when Miranda and Bryan invited me for their wedding was the first day when it was comfortably warm and sunny. 

Closest family was walking around doing last setups and attending details to make their day very special. And special it was!

Planting Fields Wedding Session

Long Island Backyard Wedding

These two lovely people choose their Long Island Backyard to say “Yes” to each other. The ceremony location under the gazebo was beautifully lit  by the sun rays coming from behind. As I was taking the details photos I thought to myself: – If you truly want to do wedding on your own terms and schedule this is the way to go. There are many reasons why you would want to choose small intimate wedding over big party with sparkles. For one – it is DIY which means it saves a lot of budget that you can spend on your honeymoon travels. Yeehh! among others I would name no need to invite people that are not your best friends or family. This is definitely a plus when you consider inviting someone you saw few time in your lifetime or just because  somethings you should. Miranda and Bryan were surrounded with love and I could definitely feel it.

I took some portraits of them before the ceremony and before I know they were walking up the steps holding hands and about to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. 

Long Island Wedding

Intimate Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was short and sweet. Brian’s friend as an officiant did an excellent job adding his personal stories about Bryan superb qualities as a friend and making Miranda cry at the moments. It was very romantic and touching.

Long Island Elopement Wedding

Don’t forget the rings

Long Island Elopement Wedding

Long Island Elopement Wedding

Planting Fields Wedding Session

I just love doing wedding session photos in Planting Fields. There are unlimited spaces you can use as a backdrop and some spectacular ones too.

Check out full Planting Fields elopement wedding for more ideas where to go. There are plenty more locations there that I will not mention here.

Planting Fields Green houses

I remember well Miranda asking me if we could take some photos in arboretum greenhouses. It’s tricky as the permit for photos usually excludes this locations from photos. Yes – you can take some outside and they gone be beautiful for sure.

We got lucky and sneaked inside for a brief moment before heading to the poll, italian garden and Coe Hall. 

Planting Fields Wedding

Try Not to Smile !

Long Island Wedding Session
Coe Hall arcades are now open

Coe Hall arcades are now open!

This is a great news for all who have been waiting to take photos there. This beautiful location is now renovated and ready for your pictures

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Planting Fields Wedding

Celebrate your Wedding!

The celebration would not be complete without the champagne toast.

Make it fun

make it yours

and share the love.

Planting Fields has a lot to offer. Check their website for details.

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