Fire Island Elopement Wedding

Fire Island Intimate Wedding – Orsi & Peter

Fire Island is a perfect setting for a beach elopement wedding.  It is close to New York. Before or after the season, there are not many people there, and the view of the lighthouse is spectacular. This place is straight from the romantic movie and gets close to beach resorts far away. 

No wonder Orsi and Peter chose this Long Island location for their intimate wedding. It was the end of May, and you could still feel the Spring breeze from the Ocean and the Bay. The day was a little foggy, but that only enhanced the romantic setting of the location. 


It took Peter and the families maybe 25 minutes to set up the ceremony place. It was overlooking the water, and the Lighthouse was on the other side. Even though you can’t leave the car in front of the Lighthouse, you can stop and unpack. Then prepare the car to the nearby parking lot at Robert Moses Highway. The walk back will take you close to fifteen minutes.

It was late afternoon, and the fog made the light soft, hugging us around, making the whole elopement wedding ceremony even more intimate. 

Fire Island Beach wedding

Beach Elopement Wedding Ceremony

All was set up. The family gathers around, waiting for Orsi to come down the aisle. An easy path of wooden plank leads from the Lighthouse to the beach. It makes walking easy and protects the dunes. 

The wedding officiant was ready. Peter was standing and looking for his bride to approach. There she was. What a sight. I can imagine what he felt at that moment. Her dress was flowing in the wind. They were both smiling. Their Long Island elopement wedding was coming true.

This beach wedding ceremony was long enough for me to capture candid photos, exchanging vows and rings. Everything was perfect. Right after their wedding ceremony, we took family portraits with their boho-inspired wedding arch, and I was happy to let the family go so I could focus on just my elopement couple. 

TIP: Make sure to wear shoes suitable to the surroundings. Fashionable flats or no shoes at will be best. It’s a beach, after all. 🙂


Fire Island Elopement Wedding

Fire Island Elopement

Fire Island Wedding Portraits

Fire Island is heaven for a photographer and elopement couples. You can easily walk from one side to the other by heaving multiple backdrops. Orsi and Peter gave me plenty of time, and I enjoyed taking photos of them. 

The Island is divided by a dirt road from the parking lot to the Lighthouse. Besides that, there are paths made of wooden planks. They are kept in good condition, and some don’t have railings which helps a lot in capturing the natural beauty of nature and makes a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. 

For your elopement wedding on Fire Island, I advise you to reserve at least an hour and a half. This will allow you to take photos in the best spots in the area. I started on the beach where their intimate wedding ceremony took place.  Then we started making our way to the other side of the island, where huge dunes are, and then back to the other side so I could capture some photos with the Lighthouse behind them. 

It was still foggy but not too cold. There was a prediction of light showers, but it did not scare us away. We spent the time walking, taking pictures, and talking. It took us a good while before we got to the parking lot, where we took the last photos. I was excited about this intimate Fire Island wedding, and I’m thrilled Orsi and Peter gave me their time. 

Congratulations to them both!


Photos by: Blazej @ Soulmates Studio – New York Wedding and Elopement Photography  || You can see more elopement weddings here || Location: Fire Island, New York

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