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Coe Hall arcades are now open


Coe Hall arcades are now open!

You most certainly remember the arcades on the side of Coe Hall. This was the place for some artistic and clean images with editorial vibes. They were under construction for some time but they did a tremendous job. The location looks beautiful. You should definitely consider adding it to you photoshoot route.

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Planting Fields ELOPEMENT

It is not the first time I’m happy to share beautiful couples’ images from Planting Fields. I don’t remember when was the first time when had this opportunity but every time I drive to Oyster Bay and it’s Arboretum it is adventures and full of fun experience. This time it was Ashley and Jacque  who invited my for their intimate wedding with small group of their close family. 

Planting Fields Small Wedding

Coe Hall Intimate Wedding Ceremony

I think Ashley and Jacque made a great decision having inside and out of Coe Hall for themselves. Interiors are just spectacular. Afternoon light is coming softly through the windows and historical surrounding makes the whole mood of the place so much more moody. Dark shadows and soft light bouncing of the stone walls gave color that you can expect only in Italy or Spain. I was able to capture few portraits of the bride and groom before the ceremony. Them together, close walking down the corridor gives the feel of the new journey  they are about to begin.

This Planting Fields Intimate Wedding Ceremony was short but very sweet. With social distancing of course. After that we took few family photos and went on exploring the grounds of Planting Fields Arboretum.

Planting Fields Intimate Wedding
Planting Fields Elopement Wedding Session

Planting Fields Elopement Wedding Session

Wedding Photos Inside the Coe Hall

If you gone have an opportunity to take photos indoors of Coe Hall you definitely should! I’m obsessed over the architecture there. You will feel the history in there as well as moody vibes. It is just so beautiful.

Italian Garden Wedding Portraits

Planting Fields Intimate Elopement Wedding | Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York

Below you will find best spots for the photos both in Italian Garden and right behind the corner:

– The alley leading from Coe Hall to the Italian Garden

– At the entrance gate from north side

– Stairs leading to the poolside

– Walk to the side of the pool and take photos with a clean background

– At the steps to the Teahouse with the pool view

– At the West gate leading to the rose underpass aley


You can easily find all the locations on the map of the Arboretum

Planting Fields Wedding Session
Oyster Bay Planting Fields Elopement Wedding Session
Long Island Groom

Details are a simple way to add celebration vibe to your Planting Fields intimate wedding

Planting Fields Bride
Planting Fields Wedding
Long Island Wedding Session

Take Full advantage of sunset photos at Planting Fields

If you plan ahead you will be able to take fantastic photos on the West Lawn. Not only it is a vast space with a lot of greenery behind, but also sunset time here is just spectacular. Your intimate wedding photos here will be just stunning. 

Also, since there are plenty of cherry trees growing here it might be a great idea to come over when the trees are at their best. Check out BBG Cherry blossom engagement to have an idea how dreamy it looks. 

West Lawn

Planting Fields Wedding

Planting Fields Wedding Portriats
Planting Fields Wedding Session - Oyster Bay, Long Island
Planting Fields Intimate Wedding

Behind THe Coe Hall

Take a walk around the Coe Hall after your Planting Fields Elopement Wedding and you will find, that the architecture of this building is just a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Steps and little foyer has undeniable charm. 

Planting Fields Small Wedding

Fairhaven Beach

You should definitely stop here before heading to the parking lot.  Such a cool spot for few intimate wedding portraits. With having the building behind you will have this classic english castle look. 

Also check out engagement session from Planting Fields for great ideas for photos and engagement video clip.

Long Island Wedding Couple

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