Bacaro Restaurant Elopement Wedding

This Manhattan elopement wedding all started in the Arthouse Hotel in Upper West Side. I met Lia in the lobby. She was dressed in a gorgeous dress and had white winter fur over her arms. It was right before Christmas and the lobby of the hotel was like pulled straight from the fairytale. Colorful worm lights were a perfect background for pictures. Not long after Orlando joined us and we went outside for few more. When I reached Museum of Natural History it was already dark but also moody.

I managed to take few romantic photos there as well. It was getting cold. Instead spending more time outdoors I proposed that we take yellow cab and go straight to Lower Manhattan where the Bacaro Restaurant is. Even Though it we had some time before the ceremony, the time was spent very nicely. Lia and Orlando where candidly having a drink and I was taking photos of them. It was lovely

Manhattan cool location Elopement

BACARO Restaurant is just a perfect spot for small cosy and intimate elopement wedding celebration among family and friends. This Italian restaurant is right by Allen Street and East Broadway. I’m must admit it was my first time there but I found it being fantastic. I will certainly go there with my wife to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. The ceremony and sited dinner took place downstairs. It is in large part a restaurant too but also a wine cellar. I think the florist did phenomenal job transforming the space. It was rather not adding elements but making it like a magical garden. Plenty of candles and fresh flowers made a space very welcoming and warm. In this surrounding Lia and Orlando said “-yes” to each other. Short ceremony reminded of their first

Photos by Blazej

In this surrounding Lia and Orlando said “-yes” to each other. Short ceremony reminded of their first encounter and the things they love about each other. Across the room, during the ceremony I spotted family members hugging and holding their hands. It was touching to see. Right after I was able to take few family photos for the album 🙂 and every one could sit down and enjoy delicious food. This BACARO Restaurant elopement wedding will stay with me for long! Lia, Orlando – Congrats on your wedding! Also, check out other elopement weddings and find out why New York elopements are getting very popular.

Bacaro Restaurant Elopement Wedding
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