Housing Works Bookstore Elopement Wedding

Soho Housing Works Bookstore is an exceptional elopement wedding venue to start a new chapter. Location is just perfect for taking some photos with the city vibes. I love nearby cobblestone streets like Crosby Street or Jersey street. Especially this last one is nice. Narrow passage scratches right from the corner of the Housing Works Bookstore for two blocks to Mulberry street. I find it intimate and perfect for portraits in the middle of the street. Most of the time it has no car traffic which is just what I’m looking for. Having your elopement wedding celebration in this area is just a blast for the photographer.

I would of course take you to Prince street. Old brick buildings, fire escapes and stone sidewalks are the things that are rare in Manhattan these days. If you have your favorite restaurant or community garden near by it is also a great idea to pop in for few elopement portraits. I can help you to plan your wedding session in terms of locations if you would like. Also the time is important. This golden glow over the buildings won’t stay long. Let’s take most of it and do the photos before the ceremony. It shouldn’t take longer than half an hour to forty five minutes