Things to know about New York elopement Wedding

What every couple should know about eloping in New York?

Elopement weddings started out a long time ago as a wedding alternative for young love birds with disapproving families. But over the years, it has evolved into a beautiful, non-traditional celebration of love and friendship with a twist! You can read much more about the origin of Elopements in Wikipedia of course 🙂 There are many things every couple should know about an NYC elopement and I’m so excited to share them with you.

Millennials and other up and coming generations have changed everything we thought to be true about commitments. 


They’ve shaking things up by bucking old traditions and doing things their own way. One great example of this is choosing an NYC elopement over a traditional, expensive wedding. Elopements are artfully arranged, exciting, unique and much more affordable. Because of this, more than ever, couples of all ages are choosing to follow this non-traditional path.

From the viewpoint of an experienced NYC elopement wedding photography company, we have nothing but best wishes for every couple we encounter. No matter how you choose to celebrate your love, saying “I do” is a beautiful thing. So, if you’re still on the fence about which option you’ll choose, here are a few things to consider:

Is Eloping more affordable then traditional Wedding?

The first thing every couple should know about an NYC elopement is how much money it could save you:

We live in a country where the majority are struggling with student loans and credit card debt. Traditional weddings are beautiful celebrations of two people on a wonderful journey, but at an average of $75,000 or more (in New York), they encourage couples to start this journey with a crushing debt trailing behind them.

Couples who choose to elope recognize that they can protect their financial future and still celebrate in an incredible, passionate, and profound way.

The money you save with an elopement can go toward paying off other debts, a large down payment on a house, or vacations. Similarly, it can help with the start of your family with a new addition or add investments in your retirement fund. The options are endless.

Is Eloping in New York saving more time?

Choosing an NYC elopement will not only save you thousands and thousands of dollars, but it will also save you tons of time, too – as much as two years. After all, it takes most couples an average of 1.5 – 2 years to plan a traditional wedding. I’ve heard from many brides that when they called their favorite venues,

they were told that they were booked for the next two years. Many couples don’t want to wait that long.  Alternatively, arranging all of the details to elope in New York City may take 3 – 5 weeks instead, sometimes even less. Once you pick your destination, the time frame, and book your photographer, there’s little else to worry about!

Does Eloping mean less planning and Efforts?

Another important factor every couple should know about an NYC elopement is how much easier it will make the process.

With a traditional wedding comes the traditional stresses and details of planning an event for 100 – 300 people. First, there’s the guest list and you have to include every friend you’ve ever had and family members you haven’t seen in years. Next, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to give everyone a plus one, pick out food that will make everyone happy, 

decide on decorations that will either cost a fortune or eat up all of your free time to make on your own, the list goes on…
Planning a wedding should be fun and stress free, but with all of the little details and people pleasing to consider, it’s hard to keep it that way. By choosing an NYC elopement and NYC elopement and wedding photographer, you’re eliminating most of the expenses, work, and wait time. Because you’re choosing a fun and stress-free alternative, you may get to enjoy it more. Choose the few people you love the most to come along with you and get down to celebrating your life together faster.

What are most scenic elopement locations in New York?

New York elopement weddings are on the rise, and for good reason. NYC is full of aesthetically pleasing backdrops that make for gorgeous elopement wedding photographs (and engagement shots, too!). No matter which location you choose, you’re in for a beautiful and intimate ceremony that you and your guests will never forget. Here are some favorites in Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can check out my Central Park Elopement Location Guide. It has aa map and plenty of tips for you!

Are you ready to say - "Yesss..."?

Above are just a few of the many great options when you choose an NYC elopement wedding. Do some research to see which ones you like the best or visit them if you can. Ask for advice, opinions, and help from your closest loved ones and your trusted NYC elopement wedding photographer.

We’re here to make sure that this day is everything that the beautiful, happy couple ever dreamt of. Whether you’re shy and nervous or totally comfortable in front of a camera, we’ll work with you to create a set of pictures that you will treasure forever. Reach out to discuss your upcoming ceremony, details, and photo preferences to make your NYC elopement the most magical event it can be.

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