Manhattan East Village Engagement Couple sitting on the storefront window

It was late afternoon when we met. I did my research for the best locations for photos ahead of time. I have been in East Village so many times. One of my favorite spots to grab an afternoon coffee or weekend drink are there. However when I found out that this couple is looking for something different, more edgy I figured that it will be a fun East Village engagement session. Later I found out, they already had one engagement session done. I guess the photos were not what they expected. I made an appointment with them on one of the 1st ave corners. From there we were stopping here and there for a photo or two. Before we knew we reached the NYU Campus. There is a lovely little street there: Washington Mews. Thanks to its historic charm we had a variety of photos with different backdrops.

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

East Village has plenty to offer for engagement session. Locations are endless. I can take you to more intimate community gardens setting and take pictures with some of many graffiti wall around there. From this location you can also turn the other direction and take some photos around Williamsburg Bridge or go south and visit New York Chinatown. Mixing the locations and letting me help you will result in great little edgy but natural photos. Your smiles and love will make the whole experience even more memorable. If you think, that you would rather choose more classic location for your engagement session – visit the New York locations or Brooklyn locations guide. I’m sure I will meet you in on of the spots that will reflect you personality best. You can also contact me directly and I’ll be happy to give you some advice of where to capture your candid love.

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