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This Blog post will highlight the best locations for engagement sessions in the Financial District of Manhattan. It is a subjective matter of course, but after spending quite a lot of time taking couples photos in Lower Manhattan, I found that I got to love some of the spots I will describe below. Love Session is usually done in one location but this time I gladly skipped this role. From South Seaport, through the streets of the Financial District to Battery Park and the water taxi cruise to Brooklyn, it was one of the best Couple shoots I had the pleasure to do. Follow along to see which Pier view you like best and if a boat cruise suits you.

But first things first….

When I found out about Kat and Gavin’s engagement, I thought to myself – these two are just the perfect couple. If there was an award for being positive, kind and gentle, this couple would definitely make to the top of the list. It is not the first time we have met. We had a great time taking photos together in Battello Restaurant. It was much more bridal editorial setup then. They are both very fun to work with.

Not only that, as I got to know them better, I found out that they are artists as well. Filmmakers who have a great eye and sense of autistic. You can find their work on Afterglow Production website. I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture their love in the city we all live in – New York. After exchanging the ideas I put together a plan to do their engagement session in Financial District area and than jump on the boat to Brooklyn for the last photos.

Is Financial District good spot for engagement session ?

Shortly – YES!

There is endless list New York Engagement Locations. Lower Manhattan area is just fascinating. You can get lost in the net of the streets – like I do from time to time. The short list seam simple: South Seaport, Pier 15 and 17, Battery Park (Battery), Broad Street, Beaver street. When you start to explore around this part of the city draws you deeper and deeper. I just love the irregular non-grid net of streets that I can go around and discover new places.

This places are usually packed with people, those coming to do business and tourists alike but this past year was different. It was – empty. It, also gave me opportunity to have Kat and Gavin walk and run on the middle of the streets with beautiful background of buildings behind them. Just like this ones below. Historic and legendary Delmonico’s restaurant and 20 Exchange on Exchange place.

Does South Seaport have good spots for couples shoot ?

New York has a lot of historic sites but just a few that has historic european charm. Being Part of Financial District this place is like no other in the area. Starting engagement session there is always a great idea. This place is dated 1625 but meticulously renovated after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Wandering around the area here gives a lot of inspiration and brings me back to old European towns of Belgium or Netherlands.

There are some many picturesque spots along streets like: Fulton street, Beekman street, Front Street or Peck Slip to stop for a photo or two. We actually started our photoshoot there wondering around and talking about our vision of what is next to come for us and how the pandemic situation will impact our lives and what we do. We stopped here and there to take a photo. Time has stopped for us – at least it seemed like that.

From here is also close to the Piers. Pier 15, 16, 17 give a great view for Brooklyn Bridge. They also provide great opportunity to change a perspective. Walking up on the top of the building of on Pier 15 or 17 there is a fantastic view on the buildings of lower Manhattan. There is also a bar where you can grab a drink after the photoshoot and enjoy the view onto the Brooklyn and East River.

Close enough to see the greatness of New York but far enough not to feel scrambled. Pier 16 is beautiful because there is still and old ticket both which takes you right back to the historic days when this location was much more know as a city transition point.

Financial District Engagement Session

Battery Park – Great green area for your New York couple’s photos.

From Whitehall Terminal to Wagner Park and South Cove, This is the largest green escape in the Lower Manhattan. We got there right at the sunset time. It was just magic. The slight wind from the water was playing with Kat hair while the last rays of sun kept us still warm. We made our way up to the water to see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. You can spend whole engagement session in this location wondering the paths and getting close to the waterfront. We had to run – quite literally -catch the boat to the other side.

Water taxi – One of the best opportunities to view Lower Manhattan on your love session

We wrapped up our love session on the water taxi going to DUMBO. It was dark and quiet but the lights of the city made the whole experience exceptional. We stood on the top deck with the wind hitting us from all directions. Kat and Gavin snuggle close together looking at the Brooklyn Bridge as we were approaching our stop and Manhattan getting smaller and smaller. The boat was rocking us on the waves to the extent that once we got of of it we were not sure if it was the our brains playing tricks on us or the platform we exit to was on the water. 🙂

All was left was to grab a beer and great pizza we found. Sitting and chatting about life I can honestly say that every engagement session should look like this. If your are up to Lower Manhattan Love Session let me know and I will find and exciting route designed just for you!

Kat, Gavin… Congratulations on your engagement and I trust I will see you soon!

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