Prospect Park Engagement Session

Winter Prospect Park engagement session without snow.

We have been planning this Prospect Park engagement session since early December. Sofie and Ross decided getting to know me better and being more comfortable in front of the camera would be a great idea. Good call!

This is what an engagement session is for: have fun and spend quality time with your fiance and photographer.

Sofie asked me what location I recommend for their Brooklyn e-shoot. It is not an easy question to answer, as plenty of spots are worth recommending. One of the more popular ones is DUMBO, Brooklyn Botanical Garden or streets with Brownstone buildings. Prospect Park is one of my favorites.

I truly appreciate its variety of backdrops, from full-on nature to historic buildings like boathouses. Romantic underpasses and bridges can provide some more directional light for a more dramatic look. 

Prospect Park engagement session locations.

You can easily spend half of the day walking around Brooklyn Prospect Park and not cross the same spot twice. But what about e-shoot? 

That depends on what you are aiming for. Do you want to get lost in nature and forget about New York City life for a while, or do your want to be among historic architecture? Maybe you want a good mixture of both. In my personal opinion, as a wedding and engagement photographer, it is always great to have options. Variety enriches the whole photo collection and gives much more perspective on the location. 

Let me then give you a quick rundown. 

Wilderness Locations in Prospect Park

Ravine is called Brooklyn’s only forest for a reason. Intersecting paths, stone bridges, plenty of trees, and unpaved paths will make you feel like you escaped the city. 

I also see The Natural Exploration area on the north east part of the park as a great location for some fun engagment session in Prospect Park. Especialy if you want to be more adventures and tak advantage of the wooden structures there. It is mainly deigend for children but I have been there once or twice myselfe and had plenty of fun. 

Architecture richness of Brooklyn boathouse.

All surroundings of Prospect Park boathouse are full of architectural design that is fantastic for engagement or wedding sessions. The building also has a bridge and underpass nearby. All paths are paved, so if you plan to dress up and maybe wear high hills, this is a perfect area. 

Best mixture of wilderness and urban.

Start at the streets close to Prospect Park West. Somewhere around 7th and 6th street should be great for capturing two of you surrounded by beautiful brownstone buildings. From there, head southeast through the park. I will snap photos as we go. Our next longer stop would be at one of the meadows. I like wast clean landscapes. It allows for undistracted portraits, maybe some running photos. 

We would end up around the purslane boathouse by passing through the bright over the lake. This romantic engagement session is a great afternoon stroll.  You won’t even notice the passing of time. 

For more information, please check the Prospect Park Engagement session locations guide

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