Brooklyn Engagement Session

Brooklyn’s best park for engagement photos.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn is, in my opinion, the best location for engagement photos. It gives various backdrops, from beautiful architecture to wilderness locations. From romantic and intimate to historic and classic.  When Jenna and Eric asked me for my recommendation on where to go for their engagement photos, I immediately thought of Prospect Park. 

We can plan two hours or just one hour of photos. We can start in various places. If you are looking for a more urban vibe to your photos, we can start off with some Brownstones and then head to the Grand Army Plaza, then wander around Endale Arch and Meadowport Arch.

With Jenna and Eric, we stayed with more classic historical and architectural backgrounds as well. 

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Are you considering the Prospect Park boathouse as a potential location for your engagement?

You are surely familiar with Boathouse in Central Park and rowing boats. I was lucky enough to do wedding photos for the couple there. It was spectacular.  Prospect Park Boathouse might seem like an underdog, but believe me, it is one of the most beautiful engagement photo locations in Brooklyn. It is romantic, especially when the sun sets above the bridge over the lake by the building. 

For your Prospect Park engagement shoot, we have two options: we can start or finish at the Boathouse. If you’re looking for a one-hour shoot, we can stay around the Boathouse area, which provides plenty of great backdrops. However, if we have more time, we can explore other areas of the park as well. If you’re interested in more nature-driven photos in the wilderness, this Brooklyn location will surprise you with its beauty. There’s plenty to explore, and we can make the most of your time here.

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