New York City engagement Session

When Paulina has contacted me I knew from the start that the photoshoot for her and Marcin will be something special. They decided to get married in New York. You would ask – as I did – Why of all places couple from different part of the globe would want to get married and have their photos taken in New York City. The answer is pretty simple. One – they have been here before and love this city. Two – this city is like no other in the whole world. When we talked with Paulina she was concerned about the weather. Indeed, it was a rough week. It looked like it will never stop raining. Finally, the last day of their stay in the city the sun came out and it was warm. After all we were able to do this epic New York City iconic locations photo session

New York Iconic Locations

The schedule had four major city locations on the agenda. We started on the Brooklyn Bridge, took a stroll through DUMBO cobblestone streets to have these memorable photos of the both brides and then jumped on the subway (the fastest way to get to the city in rush hours – btw) and made our way to Rockefeller Center. I kept wondering when we will meet with the sunset. Top of The Rock? No. The best and golden light we had at the Time Square. Paulina and Marcin were ready. We were taking photos with the yellow cabs, Time Square lights, crowds of New Yorkers passing on their way home.

I forgot to mention that it was the longest day of the year – Summer Solstice – and it felt like the sun is never gone get go under the horizon. We got lucky! We managed to do some of the beautiful lifestyle photos along with those candid light ones showing the mood of the city. Yellow taxi cabs waiting patiently for us on the crossing on Time Square were another symbol of this city. Paulina and Marcin were happy and very energetic which helped a lot. We had a lot of fun!

Congratulations to these two!!!

Thank you for having me, your smiles and energy. I hope to see you again when you visit the city.  If you are looking for more inspiration to find you dream engagement session check out location guide.

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

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