New York Family Photography

Highline Park Family Fun

I find Manhattan is full of locations that are very well suited for photos. Some of them are have mostly nature. Others parts of the city offer very New York vibes for your session unique. As long as you know what you are going for there is plenty of choice. I will be happy to make some recommendations for you. This lovely family of three was traveling for sightseeing and they wanted to do a family session in New York. After short consultation they chose The High Line Park and surrounding area. Despite some number of people strolling in the park I had plenty of fun taking casual pictures. The Highline Park is unique not only considering its history and locations. I find it also beautifully designed. Little corners and viewing platforms of Manhattan buildings.

We went there in Autumn right after the trees started to lose the leaves. I was leading the way and finding cosy benches for them to play on. It was later when I learned that they do family photos in every destination they travel together. I was not only surprised but also somewhat proud of them as a family. It is such a great idea to built and have memories as family. Every moment of it is priceless. High Line Park Family Session might be perfect to make them. It also takes time to do research and find the right photographer who can capture the genuine moments and who your family really is. I love learning about how families spent time together what they do for fun and how they spent their free time. This allows me to get in to the family inner vibes.

Meatpacking District locations for Family Pictures

As soon as I start taking pictures I feel like being the part of the family. Being in The Meatpacking District frequently I can see the constant change. I really like that it still has cobblestone streets, buildings and old warehouses have their new fate and are reborn to serve local communities and large groups of tourist. I also like to mix the nature backgrounds with urban surroundings. Meatpacking District is perfect fo that. Not only you have mentioned above Highline Park but also you can find parts of it that look raw and untouched by the time and people for a long time. I took my family to nearby streets to take some photos with New York look.

I took pictures on the middle of  Gansevoort St with old buildings behind, also newly renovated and spacious Gansevoort Plaza is good locations with plenty of backgrounds. Changing the direction one more time I walked into Little W 12th St. I found old rustic but colorful set of doors to take photo in front of it. This way I was truly happy with the variety we had. I also think that there are some great spots along Washington Street and if you are looking for modern and chic location around Highline Park I would take you farther up to newly open Hudson Yards.

Planning your Family Photos in new York

Even with having one hour for the whole Family Session in New York I’m able to take family photos straight away. I know where and when to be so you can enjoy the time in front of the camera. Choosing the best New York location for your needs I we always let you know where are the best spots and if there are things you are looking for. Plan ahead if you are looking to do Christmas Cards, weather in New York can be tricky and unpredictable. I will contact you before to confirm our Family session and send you precice meeting location. High Line Park Family Session might be a great fun for those families that are coming from out of New York. However I often encourage that you think about activities that bond you and locations that will make you comfortable. You can also check my other family casual photo sessions to help you plan yours.

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