New York Plumb Beach Family lifestyle photos

Summer family session can be fun

New York is your center of the universe. Right? Summer in the city can be really fun give you opportunities to spend more time with your family. Especially now. We live in challenging times but it also means that we should make most of it. Taking cautionary measures you can still go to the beach, enjoy the sun, sand and ocean water. In New York there are many beaches and retreats to attend. On most occupied like Coney Island can be difficult to remain in a proper distance from others. I haven’t visit Pelham Bay Park lately but can imagine the same thing taking into consideration a large parking for all the visitors. There was always this place on the map I wanted to go to but didn’t have a chance until recently. Driving by you can see kites glading in the air from the distance. “They must have good winds there and not a lot of people” – I thought to myself. This place just of the BQE going towards JFK airport. Wherever you plan to go there is always the place and time to make most of it and take some great lifestyle family photos, so you can cherish those moments for times to come.

Plumb Beach family lifestyle photos

Children are growing up fast and before you know it you send them to college or they find their first job. Waiting to take family photos is not an option. I met a family which hire family photographer wherever they travel together. I was the lucky one to take family photos for them in Manhattan last year. This is a great option! Family knows session is on travel itinerary and they come back with not only great memories but professional fun and candid photos they can show friends and family. So, if you have some free time with your kids it is a great idea to plan ahead a hire a photographer who picture your family. This time I had a great luck of taking photos for the family that is very active. They love water and spending time together. It was their idea to do photos by the ocean – and it was great. I told them about Plumb Beach in Brooklyn we could go to and it turned out fantastic.

What is the best time to picture your family?

It really depends where you want to take photos. There will be a lot of light on the beach even some time after sunset but in the city it is a different story. I would aim for two three hours before the sunset. This way we can make sure that there is still plenty of time to capture your candid moments and walk around. If you are planning to go outside the city: beach, recreation area by the lake or even mountains upstate New York it is best to talk to your photographer before scheduling the session. I can help you with that of course.

In the case of these lifestyle session we were late enough for people start packing home because the sun was getting lower and lower but also early enough to have a beautiful sunset behind them. Also Plumb Beach is on of the few in the city that still has wild vegetation growing as a buffer against wind pushing the sand to the road. It gave us gorgeous backdrop for the photos. It reminds me of some of Long Island beaches or even West Coast.

Traditional photos vs Lifestyle session

Traditional Family photos even at the beach would mean getting dressed up and somewhat limited combinations of photos. They will remain mostly static as well. At the end who would want run for the photos in their best outfits and shoes. :). It is nice don’t get me wrong but if you really care about showing and preserving some of your favorite family activities lifestyle family photos is what you should go for. Think about that. You and children would be immersed in the activity you love. The lovely moments and candid smiles will appear naturally and often. Pick your favorite one. I can give you some ideas as we connect. It can be hiking, bike ride, beach fun or even shopping. There are so many to choose from. Plan ahead and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones.

How long is the family session in New York?

The simplest answer is as long as it takes. You can rest assured that while we communicate I will get the sense of how long will it take to create beautiful photos. It also depends on the activity and the age of your children. Very small ones have much shorter span of attention and get tired or board faster. Older kids can have fun in front of the camera even for two hours. You know your children best and can assess how long they would be willing to be cooperative and full of energy. I usually plan my sessions for two hours but sometimes all the photos are done in one hour. Being open minded, flexible and responsive to what is happening during the photoshoot is the key. I will keep my eyes open at all times not only to capture great images of your family but also to see if it is a right time to ask you if we should bring the photoshoot to finish. No matter if the session will take an hour or two you can be sure you will get most fun and candid images to cherish for years to come.

I’m sure you will enjoy your lifestyle family photos with me!

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski / Soulmates Studio

Assistant: Monika

Location: Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

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