Prospect Park Family Photo and Video Session

Prospect Park Autumn Family Photos

Taking family photos for this family was a blast. Right before it got wintery cold I had a chance to meet this vibrant family of seven in Brooklyn biggest park. With different ages of children I had to come up with the idea to make it attractive for all but not tiring for the smallest ones. 

Prospect Park Family Session

I worked for my luck and I got lucky. Dad brought football and they could play on the grass while I was taking photos of the mum and girls. There was also a perfect climbing tree for all of them so I could take group at time to have some fun natural poses. I also did phone game with them that allowed me to candid photos of kids interacting with parents and parents taking care of children. 

 It was – I think – most natural way to keep them engaged and wait for the fun outcomes. For all of it we took short video of everything that was happening along with sound. This way we were able to transform regular session into video family session. It came out great! Check it out below.

Prospect Park Family Session
Prospect Park Family portrait of dad and son

Family Session posing

This is one of those photos every family wants to have. Puttin members of the family together and in a different groups takes time. I try to keep it simple and efficient so we can go and play. 

I will arrange those photos for you and also do group photos like mum with daughters, dad  with boys only and all kids alone. Also Mom and Dad deserve to have some photos of their own and I usually do it in between the locations. I ask the kids to go with my assistant to the second location and take some photos of just mum and dad being close with each other.  There will be also a time to take single portraits of the kids as well – if you and them want to have these as well 

It also works really well if you take some field game with you. Football or friesbie is a great idea. So when I take photos of one group the other one can go and play. This way I can keep the experience more as a family event rather than formal family session. 

What Games to play for at the family session?

I like to keep it simple and according to the kids age. It is always better when kids and parents are engaged in activity so they don’t get board. Here are some examples of what I do:

  1. Tag game – that does need any explanation. A lot of dynamic movement that allows me to stay in the safe distance and photograph  what is happening. Alternatively we can do kids races.
  2.  Telephone game – I line up the whole family and give the first member of the team the cue to remember. Then they pass that cue to the end by whispering to each others ears. What comes up at the end is always a big surprise.
  3. Tickle fight – gives a lot of laughs and candid reactions.

There are few more of those and if you have an idea what will work with your kids let me know we can surly try it. 

Where to go for photos in Prospect Park?

With a lot of  people being in the park that weekend I decided it will be best to stick to the closed area. Therefore I picked surroundings of boathouse since there is a lot different backdrops in close proximity.

I have prepared full list of places for family sessions in Prospect Park. Check out this guide before heading out. 

Prospect Park Family Session

When is the best time to take family photos?

The best time for any photo session – when you have a choice – is a week day. I can’t emphasize that enough. 

Why? Less people in the locations means: more space for us and less chance to have random people in the background. 

How long is family photo and Video session?

Usually hour and a half is more than enough to take all the photos you want. It also depends on how many family members you have and what age are kids. The younger they are the short time we will have to keep them engaged in taking photos.  This Prospect Park family session took exactly 90 minutes. In fact it was just enough to take some posed and candid photos.

Family Video Session

Lastly – photos is just a beginning of what I do for families I work with. I’m proud to let you know that we also are able to do great family videos. It is a gathering of  candid moments from the session with sounds that we capture when you talk with your children as well. It is a great opportunity not only to freeze the moment but also capture your live reaction and put it in a fun lively way. You can check out other family video session I did here.

For more details on topography of the Prospect Park head out to the Prospect Park map.

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