Family of three enjoying the walk during Prospect Park session

Brooklyn Prospect Park is perfect for family photos.

To begin with – It is so many times that I have been to Prospect Park. In fact this is one of the reason I moved in to the area. Morning runs, weekend biking, occasional bbq-ing with friends. The Prospect Park is a landscape mastery in every piece. Created in 1867 has all the improvements after the Central Park was done. With that said you can find all you wish for in Prospect Park. It is ideal for family photo session. I have been emphasizing the importance of the different backdrops for photos and this park has it all within close proximities.

Small – huge spaces.

With this in mind you can take photos with the boathouse in a background and move to the park through the tunnel. Nearby The Ravine area will do best as little forest with paths to hike and stone bridge in case you would look for more nature surrounding.

Obviously another great place is The Donald And Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area.Your kids can to play and explore and you gone to have great action family photos? Believe me – I can’t say enough of how I think the Park is versatile and yet underestimated among photographers in New York is Prospect Park. For even more spots check out the map.

Fun Family Portrait from Brooklyn Prospect Park session

Brooklyn Mom and her son on Prospect Park bridge

Our own time.

It is a great time every time. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Family photo session has its own rights – I have learnt it fast. You can plan all you want but at the end everything will happen with it’s own time. That is the beauty of it. Children will show you where they want to go and what is most important for them at the time. Your only job is to setup the backdrop for the family, give them some very general directions and wait ready to shoot. The whole situation will unfold it’s mood and little story right before your lens. I took my time to plan this family session in Prospect Park I also let myself go of any time slots or restrains. Therefore it was a happy time with these three – fourth to come soon. I had a great time watching parental love and care. The little boy – no matter the drizzle – just wanted to be with his parents and play the whole time.

Rainy day family session

Future family photos.

Candid Family. Dad running with his son during Brooklyn Prospect Park Family Session

I love photographing weddings as it’s one of the happiest moments in people’s lives. Capturing family moments and witnessing smiles, love and affection is where I belong. I would be thrilled to do more photo sessions like this one and hope to work with you again soon. Perhaps for a baby session first, then a family session as the family grows. I understand that you want to take some photos during the snowy winter and I look forward to making it happen.

If your are plan to be close to Prospect Park or anywhere else in the New York area, reach out to me. Let your family have great photos and moments to remember. Make sure to talk to me prior to the photoshoot. We will talk over what is most important to you so we can have best result for the time spent.

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