Prospect Park Family Photos Locations

Prospect Park family session locations

Prospect Park is an ideal destination for Brooklyn family photos. This guide provides a clear and enjoyable tour of the best family session locations.

Why choose Prospect Park for your family session?

To begin with – it is so many times that I have been to Prospect Park. In fact, this is one of the reasons I moved into the area: morning runs, weekend biking, and , occasional bbq-ing with friends. The Prospect Park is a landscape mastery in every piece. It was created in 1867 and includes all the improvements made after Central Park was completed. With that said you can find all you wish for in Prospect Park. You can read much more story of Prospect Park on Wikipedia, of course.

Brooklyn’s biggest park is ideal for a family photo session. I will guide you – pardon the pun – through the best locations, in my opinion, for capturing the best photos of your family. Whether you plan to keep these photos in your memory, hang them on the wall, or send them as holiday cards to the rest of your family, there is something for everyone in the park. You can follow along or skip to the locations that interest you. I have divided the park into North and South sides for easier navigation.

North Side of Prospect Park locations for family photos

Endale Arch

It has been under renovation for quite a time but since it was open it is in my opinion one of the marvels of the park. Small little location but it has plenty of backdrops for your photos. You can start right in front of it with the underpass behind you. The tunnel opening from Grand Army Plaza will work great as a frame and walking shots will have a classic vibe.

The biggest change is inside the tunnel. Meticulously renovated with wood on the walls give pleasant, warm and clean look for your portraits.

The heartwarming photo captures a moment shared between parents catching up after time apart in Prospect Park, Brooklyn during their family photo session.

Long Meadow

The meadow stretches almost the entire length of the park. As soon as you pass the tunnel, you can head south straight on the path. During spring, some of the cherry trees bloom, making it an excellent spot for photos. In autumn, the path is full of colorful leaves and has a narrow path that can also be a good fit for some photos. The path is close to the running and biking path, so keeping your kids close to you while here is best.

Check engagement session around blooming cherry trees.

Zucker Natural Exploration Area

I really enjoy spending time in this part of the park. It’s an excellent area for both parents and kids to have adventures. If you’re looking to take some candid photos, just follow a simple rule – get more playful! This is a fantastic setting for family photos, with lots of space to explore. You can even use the wooden logs as a backdrop for some more classic photos. Otherwise, just have fun and engage with your kids, letting them play and explore to their hearts’ content.

Prospect Park Family Session
Prospect Park Family Photos Locations

Natalie’s Lawn

It spreads right around Zuker Play Area and it is large enough for some great photos with nature vibes. In Autumn trees around turn beautiful golden colors. This might be your perfect Prospect Park family session location for holiday cards! The photo at the top of this post was also done here. Be playful. Lay down on the golden leaves or grass. The view from above is undoubtedly different from any other location and it is possible here!

South part of Prospect Park – family photos locations.


This location has stunning architecture. The boathouse is situated right by the lake and boasts a breathtaking view of the Lullwater Bridge. You can take photos on the steps, and the long stretch of patio is perfect for some classy walking shots. There are plenty of little elements that can be used as photo backdrops, and I’ll be happy to guide you from one to another.

Candid Family. Dad running with his son during Brooklyn Prospect Park Family Session

Brooklyn Mom and her son on Prospect Park bridge

Lullwater Bridge

Out of all the spots in this location, this is one of my favorite places in the whole park. You can enjoy a great view of the boathouse from one side and the lake from the other. Additionally, walking across the bridge provides a picturesque photo opportunity. The path straight ahead from the bridge leads to the underpass while going in the opposite direction will take you to the Nethermead.


As you stroll for a few minutes from the bridge, you will come across a beautiful meadow with well-maintained asphalt paths running through it. This area of Prospect Park is a stark contrast to the Boathouse surroundings as it offers plenty of lush greenery and open space to enjoy. It is an ideal location for those who want to be surrounded by nature while remaining close to the city. You can take a leisurely walk, jog, or even ride a bicycle on the paths, and soak in the picturesque scenery around you. It truly is a perfect spot to unwind and relax after a long day.

Even a little drizzle will not stop us from getting fun family shots.

Silhouette of Family in Prospect Park tunnel

White Levy Esplanade

If you walk across the bridge and turn slightly to the right in a different direction, you’ll find yourself close to the lake and LeFrak Center skating rink. This spot can be a fantastic addition to your Prospect Park family session. Along the lake, there’s a pleasant walk that leads to a quiet spot with tall grass and easy access to the lake. During the summer, there are ground-level fountains that your kids can play with, and we can take some photos of them running around and having fun.

Prospect Park family session locations – alternative spots.

There is a path along Prospect Park Southwest street inside the park, which is perfect for taking photos on hot, sunny days. Although there is a section where you need to climb some stairs, for the most part, the path leads under the trees, providing a cool and shady environment.

If you’re searching for a different location idea, check out Lookout Hill. It’s surrounded by nature, with numerous forest paths leading you to the top of the hill. Despite its name, the view of the rest of the park is quite limited. This location is quite laid-back, but it offers various options for a backdrop. You can find all of the locations on the Prospect Park Map.

There are several other destinations around Prospect Park that you can visit for photos. For instance, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, or the area around Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a fantastic destination on its own, and the museum is closer to it. However, suppose you are looking for a clean, modern backdrop with a bit of greenery. In that case, the Brooklyn Museum can be a good choice to start or finish your photoshoot. Keep in mind that it’s a 10-15 minute walk from the museum to Prospect Park, so ensure that you and your kids are okay with walking. Brooklyn Museum at it’s own, can be also a great place for mini sessions or just some formal family photos as well.

Do you need a permit for family photos in Prospect Park?

No. According to the Prospect Park website, it is required to obtain a permit for film and photo production. This rule applies to gatherings that exceed 20 crew members. However, it is not mandatory to obtain a permit for family or engagement photoshoots. You can visit the Prospect Park Alliance website for further details on this matter.

What is the best time for family photos in Prospect Park?

The best time for Brooklyn family photos in Prospect Park is a weekday, 2-3 hours before the sunset. Weekends tend to be very busy in Prospect Park, especially in Summer. This will limit the number of spots we can go to. Also, it will be unavoidable to have other people in the background. Weekdays are much quieter and better for taking family photos.

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