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I thought I would put one of many quotes referring to memories but I got overwhelmed by the number, variety and scope of the subject. Instead, I will share one of my early childhood memories when my father was into taking photos of us. I remember it was a time of the first comunion. White gowns, time of celebration, family time and photo opportunities. I remember vividly how my dad put a seamless cloth on the table and help us up. My brother and were standing there waiting for directions – all dressed up with shiny shoes and white gowns. My dad took film camera, slit the flash on the top and said: “-Now look at me. Smile, hug your brother.”

If not that I have this picture in on of my family albums I would probably forgot how I felt standing on this table just a minutes before heading out to the church.

My dad was taking a lot of photos when we were young and thanks to his efforts I think I have a fantastic memoir of the time spent with family and friends.

It is not the photos that are special it is the memories they evoke every time I look at them.


Family Photos

So you have a child now.. or two… Congratulations!

You can see the first steps, you can hear the first words, you can spend the most precious moments with them as they grow. In the times when almost everyone has a camera as a part of their phones it is easy to take photos of these moments and bring them back any time. The question is how do you fit? If you are far from making the effort of bringing a selfie-stick with you – or batter – a tripod, you are most likely have only few photos of the whole family in one photo having fun, playing, walking in the park or just holding each other tight.

Let's create great memories

Preserving the memories takes an effort and takes time. You can do it! Plan ahead and talk to me how we can fit into your time and ideas.

It is very simple and starts with a short e-mail, I will contact you back and we will set the place and time that works for you. I’m open to your ideas will do what I can to make them happen. You can pick your location and time of the day and remember it is most of all the great experience that makes the photos look beautiful and I will want to go back to them over and over again.

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