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When you get engaged, it’s a super exciting time! After you’ve told all your friends and family, why not celebrate with a New York City engagement photo shoot? Not only will you get some amazing photos that capture the love between you and your partner, but it also gives you a chance to get to know your wedding photographer better.

Your engagement session doesn’t have to be formal or stuffy. It’s really just a chance to hang out with your partner, take some photos, and have fun. Your photographer will be there to capture all the special moments between you two, and will even give you suggestions for poses and styles that match your unique relationship.

Plus, you’ll have these photos forever to remember this special time in your life. So why not make the most of it and book an engagement photo shoot in one of the most iconic cities in the world? You won’t regret it!

NYC engagement photographer choice

New York’s iconic locations for engagement and wedding pictures are incredible! In addition to the locations Marcin and Paulina chose, there are tons of other locations to choose from. Each has its own unique views and characteristics. The Brooklyn Bridge will give your photos a historical and timeless feel.

Dumbo’s cobblestone streets offer views like no other. And Times Square is full of contagious energy and sparkling lights. These are all fantastic options, but don’t forget there are many more to choose from, too!

Dumbo’s cobblestone streets offer views like no other. And Times Square is full of contagious energy and sparkling lights. These are all fantastic options, but don’t forget there are many more to choose from!
Iconic NYC engagement session locations to make your life easier. Here are some other New York favorites for newly engaged couples.


Financial District

One of those engagement session locations that is on the constant rise of popularity.

Romantic European vibes with a chic metropolitan feel is a short description of the area. If you have a lot of energy, you can even get on the boat and take photos on the way to Brooklyn. There are plenty of possibilities here. 

We can move anywhere from South Seaport to  Battery Park with East River Piers in between. Here are plenty more images from this engagement session in Financial District.  

Central Park

This NYC engagement location will never go out of fashion.

I would agree. This park has never ending backdrops and hidden spots. Your engagement session in Central Park can be very classy or wild and adventures. After all this place is huge! I feel like I would be able to do dozen more photo shoots and everyone would be different. Here are some ideas of where I would take you:

  • East of Wollman Rink and Gapstow Bridge
  • Azalea Pond area and the Ramble
  • Sheep Meadow
  • Bethesda Fountain and Terrace
  • Conservatory Garden
  • The Mall
New York Golden Hour Engagement

Manhattan East Village engagement Couple sitting on the storefront window

East Village

City vibes, Edgy spots and Historic charm!

If it was completely up to me the community gardens of East Village would be a constant and essential part of every engagement session in this part of town. Whenever I think of this part of Manhattan my mind also travels to cobblestone streets in nearby SOHO. Going in the other directions Williamsburg bridge and Chinatown is also within the reach. Given that the possibilities are endless. Nature and Graffiti art walls can be a nice mix for your engagement pictures. Furthermore when you want to take some photos in restaurant with a character or grab a cup of coffee on the way there are plenty of options. Wherever you go the images will be little edgy and have unique personality. Just like you!

Top of the Rock

Astonishing Manhattan views and gorgeous sunsets.

It is very hard to see the horizon standing on the streets of Manhattan. Once you get on the Top of the World the perspective changes dramatically. It is worth spending some time there, taking photos. Although the space might not seem big compering to Central Park for example there is plenty of beautiful spots to take engagement pictures. You will be surprised how versatile both terraces are. Form there we can get back down and take some street photos showing your affection and Manhattan backdrops . Also. form here it is very close to other iconic New York engagement location – Times Square.

You can find out all the details of how to access Top of the Rock on their website. And remember plan ahead. It is on of the most visited spots in the New York
Manhattan Engagement photos locations

Fun Highline Park Engagement

The Highline Park

One of the most trendy locations for engagement photos in NYC

It may not have Central Park History but certainty is already iconic. I love the architecture of this place. The mixture of the history of Meatpacking District with modern Hudson Yards makes this location perfect to pursue creative engagement photo ideas. I would take you to my favorite hidden spots where the nature will make you feel relaxed and natural.

The Fort Tryon Park

Intimate location far away from crowds and with a historic charm.

The Fort Tryon Park is on the north end of Manhattan but it is quite accessible both by train or car. I really like taking photos there. From Heather Garden I can lead you through narrow charming paths to the platform with the view of the river. The arcade underpass provides with a stunning background for photos. This New York engagement photos location has a great mixture of wilderness and classic historic architecture. I would definitely consider it, if you are looking for more quiet spot than Central Park

Manhattan Upper West Side Engagement

Manhattan Upper West Side

Both sides of Manhattan have something fun to offer. Additionally, you can customize a lot on your own.
These Manhattan location is not obvious as an engagement session destinations. From my perspective, it is much closer to couples, that leave in the area and wish to have very personal experience. More often than not it is also a romantic journey to favorite dining joints, rooftops of their own apartment buildings and casual stroll on the neighborhood streets.

Manhattan Upper East Side

This engagement session location is also quite versatile. away from the main ducts will give you personal city experience. We can go anywhere from Carl Schurz Park to Central Park wondering the streets and hopping in to your favorite cafe.

Do it your own! I will be more than happy give you some advice of course

Manhattan Upper East Side Engagement portrait

NYC Times Square Elopement photographer

Times Square

Time Square is surely one of the most popular tourist locations. Therefore it might also be one of the more crowded ones. This shouldn’t stop you from exploring the idea of making it your engagement session destination. It is great to start late afternoon when the sun is about an hour before setting. This way, I can capture some tremendous nighttime images as well. It is in a lifetime experience being there among all the colorful lights and billboards. Most of the things is happening on Broadway but side streets are definitely worth visiting too. 

Whether you choose to have your engagement shoot on Coney Island’s colorful and historical boardwalk, immerse yourself in nature at the Bronx’s Botanical Garden, or choose any other New York location, you’re in for magical and memorable day. If you’re interested in an iconic NYC engagement session or you’d like to discuss your options, please feel free to reach out! I am here to help you in any way that I can.

Real-life happy couple’s tale

I recently had the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple, Paulina and Marcin, who came to me for their engagement photos in New York. From our first conversation, I knew they were special. They decided to travel back to the city for their photo shoot, and I was thrilled to capture some of that magic for them.

Although they weren’t from New York, the couple loved the city’s iconic locations for engagement photos and wanted to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, we had booked the shoot during a week of bad weather. It looked like it would never stop raining, and Paulina was understandably concerned.

Despite the weather, we decided to go through with the shoot. On the day of their stay, I checked the weather nervously, but then something amazing happened: the sun came out! We got a beautiful, bright, and warm day for their epic New York City photoshoot.

We were able to visit four locations during our shoot: Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square. We captured beautiful pictures on one of the most famous bridges in the world, strolled along cobblestone in Dumbo, made magic at the iconic Rockefeller tree, and caught the true spirit of New York with the lights and bustle of Times Square.

Overall, it was an amazing experience to work with such a lovely couple and to capture the essence of New York City in their engagement photos.

Their iconic New York engagement photos included beautiful lifestyle, posed photos and candid ones that of the lovely couple and the city surrounding them. Thank you, Paulina and Marcin, for sharing your bright smiles, captivating energy, and abundant love

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