Margo Feiden Gallery surprise wedding with Anette and Josh

When your photographer tells you that every wedding is unique you should take his word for it! It is not a just some kind of cliché or overstatement.

This wedding was all but ordinary. When Anette contacted me, she said that it is a surprise engagement party. I also learnt that it will be a Margo Feiden Gallery surprise wedding   – and surprising it was. 

Extraordinary wedding venue

I know that New York can surprise me, and I should be ready for it all the time. Don’t get me wrong I saw the images of the venue beforehand and kind of knew what and where is going to happen but walking into the mansion in the middle of Greenwich Village with three stories of art and such rich story of Margo Feiden is really something. It was after the wedding that I found out that – among other things – she was a pilot for famous photographer Diane Arbus in 1969. Diane, back than was taking aerial shots of New York. The gallery itself has also a long story and it is worth visiting. This is what I call extraordinary setting to get married.

Happily, ever after

As the party reached the short toast break the surprise began.  You can see how all the friend reacted when one of the guest reds that in fact it is a wedding not an engagement part. Right after that Anette – in stunning modern gown – was walking down the stairs. I felt like I was a part of a rock concert and the star of the night was coming on the stage. I don’t think anything like it before. Short but sweet vows where filmed on the phones and some tears showed on friend’s faces. The ceremony was sealed by a kiss and the guest’s loud applause. Throughout the evening I was walking the floors taking photos and thinking to myself: – “How nice it would be if Anette and Josh agreed to take just few images of two of them here and there”. We ended up taking some photojournalistic looking photos. One on each floor. I’m really happy they said yes to the idea.

Afterparty in Madam X

The club or lounge – if you wish – is a walking distance from the Margo Feiden Gallery. After the wedding guest moved there and I did along with them. 

Now – Let me just write that the place is beyond the simple description and some of what happened there is on the images.

Anette, Josh – Congratulations! It was a pleasure to be a part of your surprise wedding party.

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