Alger house Bar mitzvah ceremony

New York City Alger House Bar Mitzvah

New York City is a fantastic place to learn and observe different religious traditions and different cultures. This vibrant city is the one that I would easily consider one of most tolerant and diverse cities in the world. Lately I had a great pleasure to be a part of Bar mitzvah celebration. It was the Pride Parade weekend and the city was easy to navigate. I got to Alger House in mid-morning. I was there for the first time and I hope to more frequent guest there. The indoors has a beautiful setting. I love the open space with filled with historical furniture and artifact. High white ceilings keep the whole thing modern. I also saw a gorgeous fireplace upstairs, in front of which I took some of family photos. I fell in love with this place. New York City Bar Mitzvah can be held hear with ease.

Manhattan Bar mitzvah celebration

The whole Bar mitzvah celebration was kept candid. I loved to walk around taking photos of Aaron, his family and friends. Bar Mitzvah boy was reading and interpreting Torah while all the guess where tuned in. Before all the guest arrived opportunity to take Aaron for a few photos on the streets in the Greenwich Village. I spent a great few hours of joy and happiness taking pictures for this family. The Alger House in the Greenwich Village did great work in helping the events go smoothly. The bend was also great playing traditional and more modern music. At one point even dad joined them in chanting and singing during the reception. I’m sure I will have more opportunities to photograph these celebrations in New York City – both bar and bat mitzvah. I especially enjoyed traditional music and hora dance.

Thank you for having me and Mazel Tov.

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

Venue: Alger House

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