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New York Elopement wedding

Photo: Blazej Sendzielski/Soulmate Studio

this Article Is about Elopement Wedding - New York Elopement Wedding, in Particular

  • Origin of elopement weddings?
  • Why elopements are so popular?
  • What are the costs involved in organizing your elopement wedding in New York City?
  • How to pick the location or venue?
  • Why is it so important to have good photos and video for the day of your wedding?
Manhattan Elopement Wedding

What does it mean to Elope?

Dumbo Elopement Wedding

The origin of Elopement

Let’s start with a little quiz, in the first place. Hands up you guys how asked brides’ parents if you can marry the love of your life?
And one more:
Ladies and gents: hands up if you or someone you know is a run away couple. Meaning you run away from home town to get married in secret.
Because, this is what is the origin of elopement wedding. According to on-line dictionary to elope means:

“to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent”

It might have been like that long time ago. It maybe still is today but in minor instances I would expect.

Modern Times

Recently I have discovered the major shift of the statistic search data. No… that is boring…! It is actually quite fascinating. The search for elopement or elopement wedding is on the rise. Is it that couples today are running away more than ever or is it just that the meaning of the word and actual way of getting married is rapidly changing? If it really means that the couples run away. What do they run away from or rather what do they run away to? I think that the meaning of the word has change – to be honest. If you take for example internet search data from United Kingdom of past five years. It clearly shows that terms like “destination wedding” and “elope” are on the rise. The same trend is clearly seen in United States.

Why to Elope?

Let’s try to think, why that is. In which way the elopement is different from traditional wedding. I will not try to uncover the deep sociological patterns of modern society which is also changing constantly in the age of social media and instant gratification. We can start with the very simple comparisons.


The average cost of the traditional wedding in New York is – I’m getting goosebumps – almost $75.000. The average cost of New York elopement wedding (simple ceremony on location, officiant and wedding photographer – who can serve as a witness if needed) is considerably lower. You can find offers for $1000 to $5000 depending on the package.


Let’s compare something else for instance: Time of preparing for the wedding celebration. Most of the couples that I took wedding photos for, are booking Soulmates Studio one year or more in advance. Worth mentioning that the first to book is the wedding venue. So, it takes more than a year in most cases to plan and coordinate traditional wedding. How about elopement? All the formalities you can organize in New York City in 3-5 weeks. Yes! Getting eloped in New York City is that easy. Although, there are some permits required in City Parks – for example – but most of it you can do online, therefore it is wise to take care of this early on. 

Local or Destination

There is one more thing worth looking at. Some elopement weddings are in fact destination weddings. If we look at the internet search data again for the term’s “destination wedding”, “New York Wedding” and “elopement”. You can see that the percentage numbers in May of 2019 almost matched. Now… We don’t know if all of the couples were looking to getting hitched on a destination run away trip to New York or to other Parish in United Kingdom, but the coloration is very interesting. Also the trends of New York elopement wedding are rising. On the contrary google searches for terms largely viewed as traditional wedding are on the decline.

The chart on the left shows the google trend for “elopement wedding” term according to google trends.

Top of the Rock elopement photographer


As has been mentioned, you need the permit to get held the ceremony in New York City Parks. It includes, not only multiple scenic spots in Central Park, but also other parks, also in Brooklyn. One of my favorites of all is Highline Park. Usually the basic permit covers the group of up to 20 guests.

Manhattan locations

You can get married on the steps of New York Public Library in Bryant Park and then take photos on the streets of New York and maybe even Grand Central Train Station. There are however many other spots you can plan your elopement. Top of the Rock – for instance – from where the view for all sides of the city is just spectacular. Times Square or Broadway area. There is however, one more very tempting alternative. Manhattan is one of the places, that has large number of community gardens. Some of them are very suitable for organizing the elopement wedding. Rather than spending time in a crowded areas you can skip the noise of the city altogether. Check out this elopement wedding photos I did in East Village 6BC Botanical Garden. Since these gardens are in the city, you can have some fun photos on the streets prior or after the ceremony.


At the same time, there are also iconic places to get hitched in Brooklyn. Firstly – colorful historic Coney Island with the view for the amusement park and then hop on and take a ride on legendary roller-coaster. Secondly – there are numerous Parks. To name the largest and one with most versatile – Prospect Park. If, you are looking for the spectacular view of the city and photos on the Brooklyn Bridge – DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park are great choices.  
Overall, there is plenty locations and venues to choose form and despite of which one you go for, you should do your own research or ask your elopement photographer for advice before you decide on spot for your New York elopement wedding.

Manhattan Elopement Wedding
Central Park Elopement Wedding
Central Park Elopement photogapher
New York East Village Elopement Wedding

Photos and Video

It is a natural way of things that you want to have great photos from your wedding. It is not only the experience behind but also the chemistry. I always encourage couples to think of what kind of photos they like and what would make them happy. There are couples that openly admit that, they feel awkward in front of the camera. More than you think – in fact. There are also “naturals” who love photos and know exactly how to pose and what looks best. It does matter which photographer you choose. Some do only posed photos; some will not say much. My style is candid and genuine, but I am very responsive to the couples needs. I rather set the stage for you to engage each other then move your body parts into a perfect position. I will give you numerous hints and activities that will make you forget that you are in front of the camera. They will also make you smile and laugh. One of the recent couples after receiving the photos wrote me an e-mail:

“these are amazing!! They came out better than I could have thought!!!
Thank you so much for giving us these great memories!”

And this is my goal. To make you feel happy and have everlasting great memories from your New York elopement wedding

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I Would love to be a part of your run away wedding in New York City or any other location you choose. Also being here in the city, I can help you with bookings, formalities or needs and desires. Let’s chat and get you stunning lifestyle, candid photos form your New York elopement wedding.

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