Paramount Country Club Wedding

Why choose Paramount Country Club as your wedding venue?

It wasn’t my first Paramount Country Club wedding, and I truly appreciate the family vibe and its grounds. The staff is accommodating and pleasant. It is one of the very few golf courses that give the photographer and the couple a lot of freedom regarding the locations and timing for the photos. Not to mention the oblivious reason. Location, location, and once more location! This picturesque venue is located in a perfect spot. It is close to New York City but offers spectacular views. Positioned between Harriman State Park and the Hudson River, you will have scenery to die for.

A wedding venue full of outdoor space.

Paramount Country Club is a Hudson Valley golf course with plenty of outdoor space.  

Paramount Contry Club Rainbow Wedding

During the photoshoot with Emily and Cory, we had ample time to capture some beautiful pictures amidst the greenery and tall grasses up the hill in the club. This created a casual yet elegant feel in the photographs, which resembled the southwest look. We reached the top of a little hill on the golf course, where we captured some stunning dancing photos. Thanks to the availability of golf carts, we could move around quickly, making the whole process much smoother. The venue provides endless backdrops for wedding portraits, which is a great advantage.

Upstate Golf Course Wedding

Where is the bride getting ready in Paramount Country Club?

Paramount Country Club is an all-in-one location. It fits all the bride’s needs as well as checking the boxes for being warm and cozy. It is definitely not small, but it feels like home. The main getting-ready area is perfect for the bride to get ready. It is also great for a wedding photographer – like me. In one room, all the makeup and hair are done. In the other room, bridesmaids can mingle and sip their morning mimosas. All the details are ready for me to be photographed at the other end of the hallway. Thanks to the great help of Paramount Country Club, I can usually go straight to work without being in anyone’s way. The dress, shoes, invitations, favorite bottle of perfume, and bride’s bouquet are among the most important ones. 

Oh, don’t forget the rings.… Yes- all of them. I photograph wedding bands along with the engagement ring. Soon after I’m done taking photos of all the details, I might ask the bride to join me in this room for some portraits before she slips into the gown. The rooms have plenty of natural light, and it is possible to work entirely with ambient lighting getting in from the outside. 

The main suite also has a big bed that will fit many bridesmaids for robe photos or more edgy images of the bride resting on the bed with her glass of champagne. 

For the groomsmen – which is very convenient – is the room in the building next door. No one needs to walk far for the first look if you decide to have it. 

Paramount Country Club Bride
Catskills Bride

First, look at the location.

As I already mentioned, getting ready locations for both bride and groom are very close, so much so that you need just two to three minutes to organize the revile. 

Beautiful stairs lead down on the back of the building, where the bridal party is getting dressed. It can be as simple as the groom waiting for his bride to walk down. There are other options as well. A wide asphalt road leads around the building and to the golf course. It has a spectacular view of the mountains and the surrounding grounds. As a photographer, I recommend starting in the shade. We have little control over the reveal moments and must ensure a lovely light.

Paramount Country Club Wedding

Paramount Country Club Wedding

Golf Course with lots of wild nature

Whenever I’m in Paramount Country Club for a wedding, I don’t need to worry about locations for photos. There are so many spots you can go to. Just look at the map below—all of it in nature. I usually go for a variation of classic backdrops near the ceremony spot and the wilder areas below the line of the buildings. That is – I only have a little time for portraits. 

On the other hand, if there is plenty of time to roam around – just like we had with Emily and Cory – we can go on the other side of Zukor road. Why not make use of vast space?

Wild grass areas are very light in color and will be a perfect fit if you’re looking for a more organic touch to your wedding album collection. There is a forest backdrop nearby as well. On the way back, we should stop on the beautiful winding road leading back to the club. 

Paramount Country Club Wedding Portrait

Bride and her friends walk on the lawn, holding big white balloons. Black and white photo of the bridal party at Paramount Country Club.

Bridal Party and family portraits

Suppose you’re looking for an ideal location to capture stunning bridal party photos and family portraits with lifestyle characters. In that case, there’s no better spot than the exquisitely decorated stairs leading to the ceremony location. However, if you have a larger group, you can opt for the spacious lawn beside the ceremony location, which perfectly accommodates large groups. Moreover, the fountain situated in the middle of the square plaza can provide a picturesque backdrop for some beautiful portraits and group photos.

Paramount Country Club Wedding Party

Hudson Valley Wedding Party

A wedding ceremony with a beautiful Hudson Valley view.

The wedding ceremony took place in an outdoor setting at a beautiful Hudson Valley venue. The venue features a spacious plaza with a fountain at the center, and classic steps leading up to it, which gives the area a timeless and elegant feel. The ceremony spot is situated slightly higher up, which allows all the guests to have a clear view of the Bride and Groom and enjoy the celebration. The venue is located amidst the stunning backdrop of mountains on one side, overlooking the Hudson River.

Paramount Country Club Wedding Ceremony

Hudson Valley Wedding Ceremony Location

Paramount Country Club Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Ballroom for large parties

Your family and friends want to celebrate your love. Let them! Create a lifetime memory of your wild party at Paramount Country Club. It is made to host large receptions and serves as the ideal wedding destination for ready-to-wed couples. Paramount Country Club comfortably accommodates 300 guests. Now you can maintain the number of guests you invite for your wedding. This space transforms into a romantic ballroom with the proper lighting effects, candles, and beautiful florals. The dance floor can be massive and will fit a large band, too. 

Paramount Country Club Wedding Venue Decor
Paramount Country Club Reception
Paramount Country Club Couple

Paramount Country Club with a night sky

At night, Paramount Country Club looks completely different. Plus, it is the best ending to your photo album from your wedding day. It is really worth taking a breather from the dance floor to see the night stars over the Hudson River and Harriman State Park. Right after the cake cutting is the best moment to sneak out for five to 10 minutes to capture the last few images, just two of them. I can promise you that coming back to your family and friends will happen before they notice you are gone.

Paramount Country Club night portraits
Paramount Country Club Wedding - Soulmates Studio

I genuinely appreciate family vibes at the Paramount Country Club Wedding, especially during weddings. This is one of the very few golf courses that give the wedding photographer and the couple a lot of freedom regarding the locations for the lifestyle and candid wedding photos.

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