New York Wedding Photographer
New York Wedding Photographer
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Let’s make your big day unforgettable and unique together!

Wedding packages

The most commonly chosen packages include:

  • Engagement session

    Up to two hours of photo session in beautiful spots in New York City.

  • Full day coverage

    Up to 10 hours of covarage.

  • Two experienced photographers

    Two photographers who are an absolute delight to work with, bringing a keen eye for detail.

  • First images avaliable in 24 h

  • Numerous high-resolution images covering wedding timeline

  • All images color-corrected and retouched in-house for the best quality

  • Customized wedding celebration shot lists

  • Consultation on wedding timeline

  • Venue familiarity

  • Beautiful portrait session

  • Ceremony and party coverage

    Four hours of coverage.

  • Profesional and enthusiastic photographer

  • First images avaliable in 24 h

  • Numerous high-resolution images covering wedding timeline

  • All images color-corrected and retouched in-house for the best quality

  • Consultation on wedding timeline

  • Venue familiarity

  • Customized wedding celebration shot lists

Tell me more about the packages.

Additional services

Every package I create is fully customizable and tailored to your needs and personality.

Rave reviews from our happy couples


Every couple has a one-of-a-kind love story that deserves to be beautifully captured. That’s why every package is hand-crafted after we meet online to discuss your needs and preferences.

Check your minimum investment

Couples, on average, spend around $4000 on photography services. Every single package includes a one-hour engagement session in the New York area.

For those seeking an intimate and magical elopement experience, our elopement packages begin at $2400.

What more do you get?

Enjoyable experience

Dive into a wedding session that feels more like a happy get-together! With a super chill and friendly vibe, we’re not just about beautiful photos but making the whole experience totally enjoyable.

Gentle posing guidance

Feel the love, not the awkwardness! Our gentle guidance during the session ensures you’re at ease, capturing those natural, oh-so-perfect moments without any awkwardness.

Seamless celebration

The coordination of a wedding timeline can be overwhelming. I collaborate with vendors to ensure that the schedule runs smoothly

How can you book me?

1. Explore styles

Explore my portfolio to discover a style that aligns with your creative vision.

2. Check my availability

Check my availability for your wedding date using the online form.

3. On-line meeting

Book an online meeting so we get to know each other a bit and discuss your wedding vision in detailHave all your questions answered regarding packages, addons and photography styles. The meeting is a base for me to create an offer that will best suit your needs.

4. Get the offer and agreement

Shortly after the meeting, you will receive from a personalized offer tailored to your specific needs. Pick the package that reflects your needs.

5. Secure the date

Review the packages and the agreement. I will be happy to answer all the questions you might have. I will ask you to sign the agreement and place the retainer so that you can secure the date.


Have you photographed a wedding at our venue before?

Most probably!  I’ve been so lucky to capture wedding photos in all sorts of different venues, so it’s very likely that I’ve worked in a place like yours before! I’ve learned how to take great photos in all kinds of different environments, and I love using the unique features of each venue to create amazing images. Before your big day, I’ll get to know your venue inside and out so that we can take advantage of all the best angles and lighting. You can feel confident that I’ll do everything I can to make your wedding photos perfect!

How many edited photos can I expect after the wedding?

The number of edited photos can vary based on factors like coverage duration and event size. Rest assured, you will receive a generous selection of thoughtfully edited images capturing all the important moments, details, and emotions, and, most importantly, you will get photographs that tell the story of their special day. Typically, couples would receive anywhere from 600 to 900 images.

Can I customize the package?

Yes. To be precise, all packages I offer are custom-made based on our online meeting. However, you can still customize the package further to suit your needs.

How do you ensure we will get all the needed photos?

Your vision and comfort are at the forefront of my approach. Before I shoot at your wedding we will have a detailed discussion, so I can understand your specific needs and preferences. You will be able create a customized shot list that includes all the essential moments and requested shots. On wedding day I work closely with you and your wedding planner to ensure a seamless experience on your special day. From getting ready to the ceremony and reception, I am putting all my energy in capturing all the important events.

Do you offer analog wedding photography?

Analog photography is gaining popularity among wedding couples, perhaps due to the perceived high artistic value of the images. However, before deciding whether to have your photographer take analog photos, there are a few things you need to know. In this day and age, digital photography and editing technology offers so many possibilities that even professionals might find it difficult to distinguish between digital and analog camera photos. Furthermore, the film from analog cameras will still be digitally scanned, and the physical photograph you hold in your hands will most likely be a digital print rather than the outcome of an old-time chemical process. Very few photographers, including me, will give you the film itself as it is an original of their work. Given all this, I have made a conscious decision to offer my clients only photos captured on digital cameras while still maintaining a high level of artistry.

Analogowe zdjecia: nie propopnuje bo, niedostaniesz filmu tylko odbitki, negatyw skonaowany cyfrowo, obitka nie przechodzi już procesu chemicznego.

I love working with couples to create customized wedding photography proposals that perfectly match their unique needs. Whether you have a specific location in mind, a certain size of event, or particular deliverables you’re looking for, I’m here to collaborate with you every step of the way. Let’s make your special day unforgettable!

  1. DeHigh-Resolution Images:
    • Clearly outline the services included in each package. This may include pre-wedding consultations, coverage hours, number of photographers, and any specific types of shots (e.g., candid, posed, details).
  2. Online Gallery:
    • Indicate whether an online gallery for viewing and downloading images will be provided and how long it will be accessible.
  3. Prints and Albums:
    • If applicable, detail any included prints, albums, or other physical products. If these are add-ons, provide pricing and options.
  4. Travel Fees:
    • Specify if travel fees are included or if they are additional. Be transparent about any mileage or destination-related charges.
  5. Image Editing:
    • Briefly describe your editing process. Highlight any retouching or special effects included in the package.
  6. Customization Options:
    • Mention if clients have the option to customize packages based on their preferences. This might include adding extra hours, a second photographer, or additional services.
  7. Payment Terms:
    • Clearly state the payment structure, including any deposit required to secure the date and the timeline for final payments.
  8. Cancellation Policy:
    • Clearly outline your policies regarding cancellations, rescheduling, and any associated fees or refunds.
  9. Terms and Conditions:
    • Provide a link to your full terms and conditions or contract for clients to review before making a decision.
  10. Client Testimonials:
    • Consider adding quotes or snippets from client testimonials specific to each package to showcase the positive experiences of past clients.
  11. Contact Information:
    • Make it easy for clients to reach out with questions or to inquire about booking by providing clear contact information.

Best Lighting and Time of Day: Photographers can advise on the optimal times for capturing beautiful and flattering natural light. This guidance is especially crucial for outdoor ceremonies and photo sessions.

Shot List Creation: Collaborate on creating a shot list to ensure that the photographer captures all the specific moments and details important to the couple.

Engagement Session Tips: Offer tips and suggestions for a successful engagement session, helping the couple feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Posing Guidance: Provide gentle guidance on posing to help the couple look natural and at ease in their photographs

Timeline Planning: Assist in creating a wedding day timeline that allows for sufficient time for photography, ensuring that all essential moments are captured.

Weather Contingency Plans

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