Family Heirloom Wedding Album

Why should you cherish a wedding photo art book after your big day?

Yes, I know, many aspects of our lives have gone digital, including wedding photos. Still, there are compelling reasons to consider having a physical wedding photography album. Isn’t there something special about holding a treasure trove of your romance? A wedding album is a collection of joy, a visual representation of your love. 

From getting in your gown to first looks, intimate portraits to group shots, your first dance to your sparkler send-off, and all the special moments in between, your wedding album will be thoughtfully arranged to help you relive your wedding day for decades. 

Wedding Photo Albums By Soulmates Studio

Best way to thank your parents

Wedding albums are truly magical! They hold a lifetime of memories and are a beautiful way to cherish loved ones who have passed on. Why not create a stunning photo art book as a gift for your parents or grandparents? It’s a wonderful way to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Let’s spread some joy and happiness with this heartfelt gesture!   

Family heirloom

Smile, laugh, and share stories with your spouse over your wedding album for years. As your family grows, it becomes a cherished heirloom, offering future generations a glimpse into their roots. Your favorite memories, preserved in a wedding album, create a beautiful piece of personal history passed down through the generations.

Timeless nostalgia

The digital age offers unparalleled convenience, but the nostalgia of printed albums is incomparable. Placing it on a bookshelf, end table, or any prominent spot in your home keeps a heartwarming reminder of your happiest day. It also serves as a delightful conversation piece for friends and family, offering lasting joy for years to come.

Heirloom Wedding Albums by Soulmates Studio

My favorite wedding photography art albums

No matter the color scheme in your home, it’s easy to match your wedding album to your decor. My three favorites are simple, elegant, and timeless. All of them come in different sizes and cover options you can choose from.

Tuscany Leather collection

The Lather collection features albums wrapped in Tuscan leather. It combines natural patterns and colors to create a photo book that doubles as a unique piece of art. It is luxurious, unique, and durable.

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This coating reflects the power of authenticity and tradition. It combines natural patterns and nuances to become a unique piece of art. This is why its luxurious and exclusive look is strengthened by its natural scent, colors, and robustness. It has unmatched quality and durability. With a wax finish to preserve, it keeps quality over time. The exclusive texture with patterns in different tones makes this product even more unique. It is the right choice for people who want their product to look the same for many years ahead.

Premium Velvet

The velvet collection also offers plenty of color choices for the cover, ranging from brilliant and bold to earthy and natural. The velvet coating adds softness and sophistication, regardless of your chosen color. And with a soft, pleasant material to hold in your hands, it adds another sense to the experience of reliving your most precious memories.

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This material slightly changes its tones when it is touched and has soft touch. It is a perfect option for everyone who loves elegance. It does not hesitate to show audacity with enthusiasm—a coating of thin, long overlapping fibers, supported by silk and polyester yarns. The main characteristics of the thickness and softness, and when it is brushed, their colors change into different shades. The highlight of this coating goes with the wide range of colors available, including the new Earth Tones. It gives an exquisite look to the most demanding projects.

Natural buckram

Well suited for guest signing books or an album from your engagement session. It is the natural cotton twisted with wires in different tones, among dark and lighter wires, offering a thick and resistant texture. Natural buckram brings a unique handcrafted look to your product without losing its elegance.

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This collection is designed for the simple yet refined look of someone looking for timeless products.
Well suited for guest signing books or an album from your engagement session.

Order your modern album in just four steps.

Ordering your new family heirloom is relatively straightforward, and four steps are all it takes.

  1. Select your photos from a provided link.
  2. Pick your cover type and material.
  3. Review and approve the design through a print-proof link.
  4. Make payment and wait for your album to be delivered.

Typically, the process takes 2-3 weeks for design and changes, followed by 8-10 weeks for printing and delivery to your location. 

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