Adirondacks Elopement Wedding

Mt. Jo Intimate Wedding Adventure

As you now know being a part this great adventure of two beautiful people started with their engagement session. Photos from which you can see here.

This Adirondack Elopement Wedding  was no different full of beautiful moments a locations. We started way before the sunrise since their idea was to say yes at the sunrize. Lovely right? If you are brave enough and want to do something unexpected you can do that climb the mountain in dark and then climb down when there is a daylight – unforgettable experience. The location the couple chose was Mt. Jo. according to many sources – believed or not – it is one of the most popular spots for intimate or micro weddings.

Therefore we could expected someone to be there at the same time. We got lucky however, and the top of the mountain and the surroundings were just for us.

Jillian and Tom started to get ready – in the dark of course. On the far ends from each other with just a help of headlamps they managed to change their outfits. They both looked spectacular. All the struggle of carrying the wedding gown and suit surly paid off.  As the sunlight started to show so did the clouds of fog over the lake just at the bottom of the mountain. Such a romantic setting for the elopement wedding ceremony. 

Mt. Jo in the morning wedding location

Lake Placid Wedding Location

Mt. Jo is not far away from Lake Placid and it is easy to get to the large parking at the base of the mountain. The rout is well marked and even though from this huge parking lot many of the trails start you will find the right one just fine 

Once we started to hike I took my camera out and with the help oh headlight was able to capture all the wedding party scrambling the rocks and getting higher and higher. In the distance we could hear coyotes from time to time which was little scary but also added true adventure vibe to the whole event.

Adirondack MOuntains Micro Wedding

Right at the sunrise as Jillian and Tom were ready we could do the reveal. With that in mind I ask them to meet each other in a specific spot and let the moment and emotion play out. The spot I chose had a great view but also a puddle of water where I could see their reflections.  

This added artistic flair  to the images. Right after they saw each other  Jillina showed special boots she brought just for the ceremony. The Groom also had funny socks that were a great complement to everything. Take a look. Aren’t they cool?

Mountain top intimate Wedding Ceremony

Destinations weddings are fun and laid back. Therefore they provide a lot of opportunities for different photos. Starting with the ceremony ending with late night smores by the bonfire all happens very candidly. However that does not mean you should not plan for it. Very important is where you gone stay if you want some photos to be taken there.

 Jillian and Tom made a great effort to make their dream wedding come true. From selecting lodging to planning the timing of the day it allowed us to incorporate all the elements they wished for without worrying or stretching the time.

After the mountain top ceremony we had a lot of time to take photos of two of them and head down for the first dance in the fields. 

Saranac Lake Canoe Wedding portraits

Again – thanks to the great planning and scheduling we were able not only to grab a time to rest and food but also could get to the next location at the perfect time. 

Lake Saranac is spectacular and if you wanted you could do the whole wedding here. On the islands you can book a camping site for the night and canoe rental nearby is a perfect to get the gear you need to move on the water. Here is link to their location.  Adirondack outfitters are very friendly and professional. To the point that I had a pleasure go there right the next day after the wedding to rent the kajah for myself to explore the lake.  

I don’t need to mention that if you can’t swim or you are afraid of water this adventure might not be the good way to go. 🙂

We had plenty of fun and pedaling between small islands taking photos and laughing.  It was a very rare opportunity to capture love and affection in scenery like this. I would definitely go there for the wedding at least once a year. Even if it mean that it is in winter.

Adirondacks Lake Placid Canoe Wedding

Evening After Wedding Bonfire

What a great idea! Romantic moments with just the two of them by the fire singing and playing the guitar. Unforgettable vibe of closeness, intimacy and affection.  There was a cake cutting as well. Jillian and Tom got it from their favorite cake shop in Brooklyn.  Isn’t that something. All the attention to details is worth admiration. At the same time the flow of the day did not seem forced at all which I really appreciated.

During this Adirondack elopement wedding I felt like it was what I could do for the rest of my life – document love in remote picturesque places!

I wish them all the best and lotsssss of love… 

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