Manhattan Clerk's Office Elopement

I met Klaudia and Heran just a week before they decided on their City Hall elopement wedding. It was a short notice but right from the start we felt like we want to work with each other. Firstly because Kaludia besides loving my photos insisted on having polish wedding photographer.

Secondly all three of us had a common view on how the photos should look like. I also suggested them different locations for their elopement session photos. As we agreed on them I knew it would be fun! Short after that we met in Clerk’s office Marriage Bureau for the ceremony.

Manhattan Clerk’s Office Wedding

If you have not been a guest of the Manhattan office, the first visit might leave a little impact on you – it surely did on me. 🙂 It does look like an office. You take a number, you sit down and wait until one of the clerks will press your number. All of it in a large hallway with at least few other couples getting married the same day. With all fairness – I was very nicely surprise that wait was not long and if you are lucky enough you are able to get married the same day but you need to come in early morning. People who work there are very nice and helpful. It is an additional bonus.

My lovely couple didn’t wait long before they could transfer to the marriage ceremony area. Before that I was able to capture some candid images of two of them waiting as well as some portraits. I must say that large windows are very nice a source of light. Large hallway might be also a good spot to take photos. Once we entered the ceremony room everything went very fast. I’m experience not longer than five minutes. I was freely walking around taking photos. Watching two of them putting the rings on each others fingers through the lense is always something special for me.

Elopement Wedding Session around City Hall

After the ceremony I took some photos of them exiting the building with bright smiles and full of happiness. The sun was starting to set over the Manhattan and it was a perfect time to start elopement wedding session. We couldn’t skip the nearest locations. The buildings around are such a good backdrop.

As we were walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge we stopped here and there for few photos. Despite the temperature Klaudia and Heran seemed to enjoy the time in front of the camera. I truly appreciate their cheerful attitude. I love taking wedding photos in the Centre Street and Chambers Street area. It was great New York City vibes.

Young couple just got eloped in New York

South SEAPORT Wedding Photos

Short after we jumped into the cub and traveled to South Seaport for some more wedding photos. It is very close from the City Hall and I would suggest this location to couples who are looking for more european feel and away from the city noise. South Seaport streets have it all. Cobblestone streets and old buildings will make you feel like you are in on of old European towns. I’m sure you will be very enthusiastic taking your elopement photos there.

Wandering around Peck Slip and Fulton Street gives a lot of opportunities to take fantastic natural wedding portraits. If you are looking for more modern background head to the Pier 15. It has a magnificent view for the Manhattan Buildings. I feel that added bonus is a view of the Brooklyn Bridge if you turn different direction, and the brize from the river in summer will make you feel cooler.

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Photos: Blazej @ Soulmates Studio

South Seaport Elopement wedding session
South Sea Port Elopement Wedding Session
Pier 15 Elopement Wedding Session
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