Paramount country club wedding

Paramount Country Club Wedding – Emily & Cori

What a lovely day of late summer, I thought to myself while unpacking the trunk of my car in the Paramount Country Club parking lot.”
It was the end of September, and it still felt like the best days of Summer. Not too hot, not too humid. The light is perfect at this time of year, and it is lower and warmer – almost like at the end of May. It was a perfect day for – Paramount Country Club Wedding.

I met Emily and Cory last year when they were on a search for a wedding photographer who would capture genuine moments and photos showing their love and laughter. Emily told me, “- I want all the pictures,” and she meant what she said. I love working with couples who know what they want. Emily wanted to attend their engagement session in Brooklyn with an art wall and in the freshly open Domino park. We had a lot of fun, and the images were displayed in the Paramount Country Club during the cocktail hour.

Family Vibes


It was not my first Paramount Country Club wedding, and I truly appreciate the family vibe of the place. The staff is accommodating and pleasant. This is one of the very few golf courses that give the photographer and the couple a lot of freedom regarding the locations for the photos. With Emily and Cory, we had plenty of time to take pictures with the greenery but also in the tall grasses the club has up the hill. It gives the photos somewhat of the southwest look – casual but elegant.

Wedding Ceremony

I was happy to take some great group photos with lifestyle characters on the beautifully decorated stairs for the Bridal Party and Family before the ceremony. Paramount Country Club Wedding comes with a lot of perks. One of them is the ceremony location. The couple is placed a little higher, and the guests can enjoy the view of the celebration and the mountains in the background. The fountain in the middle is a perfect location for some portraits of newlyweds, but it can also serve as a foreground for some interesting ceremony photos.

Night Photos


I asked if it was ok to take them out for some night photos. Emily asked if we could do it in five minutes, and I promised her I would bring them back to the dance floor quickly. We took a cart and rode back to the golf course. At night Paramount Country Club looks completely different. It turned out we had foggy weather, and we could have some interesting effects on the photos – little beams of light wrapping around them and giving a romantic mood.

Wedding Venue: Paramount Country Club

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