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Halle & Zach

This Felina Restaurant Wedding was an excellent way to kick off 2023. In early spring, Halle and Zach married in a glamorous, historic wedding venue converted from a former bank in Ridgewood, New Jersey. They decided to spend the whole day in the venue—everything from getting ready to their last night portraits we did there. I was super happy to be a part of their celebration.

As a Bride, Helle knew precisely what she wanted, and I was happy to deliver the photos she was looking for and much more. Along with  Krista from Champagne Magnolias Events, we could make her dream come true. Krista was great to work with, giving me much freedom to create and time to do so. The Felina Restaurant staff did an excellent job making our job easy

Their wedding portraits – as always – I kept fresh and light. I love movement and putting a little edge on them. At some point, I asked my New Jersey Bride and Groom to jump out the window. This way, we could have some unique photos of them. Last night’s wedding portrait is spectacular. Just take a look!

We enjoyed organizing three first looks for Halle’s special day. She wanted to have one with her father, another with her brother, and a third with Zach. We found three separate spaces where Halle wouldn’t be seen and then did the first look one after another. This allowed us to capture the emotional reactions and surprise effect on all of them. Isn’t that lovely?

We couldn’t skip the old bank vault on the restaurant side. It took us five minutes to capture perfect wedding photos of the two. They represent precisely who Halle and Zach are. Full of fun and romance too. Thank you for having us as your photographers at your Felina Restaurant Wedding. Congratulations to Halle and Zach!

Images: Soulmates Studio – New York Wedding and Elopement Photographer
Wedding Planner: Krista at Champagne Magnolias Events 
Wedding Venue:  Carissa at Felina Restaurant and Events
Make-up artist:  Lori with Beauty on Location
Hair stylist: Gabby with Boho Bridal 
Floral decors: Gina with Karma Florals
Wedding Cake: Palermo’s Bakery
DJ or Band: Jay Prince Band from Hal Prince Entertainment 

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How to plan a wedding at Felina Restaurant in New Jersey

If you’re planning a wedding in The Garden State, you’re sure to come across Felina Restaurant. This New Jersey wedding venue features stunning marble columns, soaring windows, towering ceilings, a captivating rooftop bar, and a wraparound mezzanine for an elegant cocktail hour. The iconic bank vault door and unique floating chandelier sculptures are some of the features that have won over so many New Jersey brides in the past. Whether you’re preparing for a day of Felina festivities or evaluating your options, you’ll find everything you need to know about this historic wedding venue below!

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Felina Restaurant wedding venue – frequently asked questions.

New Jersey Historic Wedding venue

What makes Felina a Unique wedding venue?

Felina is a former bank in Ridgewood, New Jersey. From the tan columns outside of the building to the towering vault door in the open, airy ballroom, it’s easy to imagine Felina’s rich history. Its historical flair shows through in every photo that gets taken there. The marble and brass elements provide a unique neoclassical feel that isn’t easy to find elsewhere. This Landmark Wedding Venue was converted in 2019. This New Jersey wedding venue is an Art Deco lover’s dream!

What are some of Felina’s features?

I mentioned earlier that Felina has marble columns, large windows, and tall ceilings. This means that the lighting in the building is incredible, and as a wedding photographer, this is one of my favorite features!

From the black and white checkered marble floors to the artistic floating chandelier sculptures and the wraparound mezzanine to the bar on top of the building. There is also an incredible industrial bank vault door, making for one of the most unique backdrops I’ve ever seen. Each area of the building is vibrant and energetic, and the restaurant is one of the most celebrated in North Jersey, especially among New Jersey brides. 

This historic wedding venue can host up to 180 guests. There is a grand ballroom, a semi-private restaurant space, and a private restaurant space available for booking. On the wedding day, on-site event planners are there to assist throughout your special event, and they will make sure everything runs smoothly. 

One of the best selling points of Felina, in my opinion, is that you can always come back to the restaurant and enjoy the food again on your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or another special date night. If their reviews are anything to go by, their restaurant will quickly become one of your favorites! 

The Treasury, the name for the grand ballroom, is the best spot in the building for the reception. That is where Halle and Zach held their ceremony. It is timeless and elegant, with marble floors, sparkling chandeliers, tall windows and ceilings, and a wraparound mezzanine. At night, this gorgeous New Jersey wedding venue gets bathed in candlelight, so everything in the ballroom is glowing and romantic. 

For the ceremony, some couples even choose Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, about a block from the building, before returning to Felina Restaurant and Events for a reception in The Treasury.

Because Felina as part of Landmark Hospitality Group has an award-winning on-site restaurant and bar, this already takes a few things off your list! Package deals are available that include venue rental, food, a premium five-hour open bar, a custom-designed wedding cake, a lovely dressing area, day-of wedding coordinators, and more.  

Many New Jersey brides and grooms appreciate that the kind and friendly professionals at Felina take care of so many of the details for them. This is not the case with every venue. From planning the day to packing up at the end of the reception, their coordinators will do everything they can to make your vision for your wedding come true. 

As guests arrive at this historic wedding venue, they are welcomed to the cocktail hour, which is usually held indoors on the mezzanine. From here, they can enjoy stunning views of the ballroom, appreciate the elegant fireplace, and walk on the deep and rich marble floors. In addition, the mezzanine is conveniently located near the artistic chandelier sculptures, making it a perfect spot for mingling and sipping drinks. Most importantly, this space offers a great opportunity for capturing memorable pictures during your cocktail hour. What are our options for first-look photos?

Felina is a popular wedding venue in New Jersey, and it’s not hard to see why. Every corner of the place exudes elegance and offers beautiful backdrops for creating memories that will last a lifetime. In particular, my favorite location for a first look at Felina is by the fireplace on the mezzanine. It’s a beautiful spot that’s perfect for taking stunning photos that you’ll be able to cherish forever.

With the groom facing the fireplace, the bride can travel along the banister of the mezzanine and approach from behind. The sound of your excited, slow walk across the marble floor will heighten the anticipation before the big moment arrives. 

For families, wedding parties, and other group photos, you’ll need more space than you would while taking portraits. Thankfully, Felina Restaurant is spacious and elegant, so there are plenty of picturesque spots for group photo shoots during your big day. One of the best spots for group photos is on the mezzanine. 

From the mezzanine, you can include some of the tall windows and artistic chandeliers in your group photos. Another great spot is in front of the bank vault door. It is historic and interesting, spanning high into the background of your photos and giving them a timeless elegance. And last but not least is the front of the building. 

Featuring cream-colored columns and artistic windows, the building’s exterior provides an ideal setting for big group shots. Moreover, there is ample space for everyone to spread out, ensuring that your colors are not interfered with by the neutral color of the wall. The old building perfectly complements the modern wedding attire, creating a breathtaking image that transports you back in time.

I can get a well-rounded image collection in eight hours. This will give me enough time to photograph the ceremony, cocktail hour, portraits, bridal party, reception, and all the in-between moments. But it won’t leave me much time for the prep portion of the day besides the bride putting on the gown and some portraits. 

If you want more detailed pictures during the getting ready phase of your wedding day, I recommend ten hours instead of nine. This gives us the additional time needed to take the more detailed shots of things like matching robes, bridesmaids helping the bride into her dress, card games, and impromptu dance parties while the bridal party prepares for the big day!

I find that documenting the getting ready portion as a part of your wedding day is especially important if you would like a photo album afterward. It will allow me to show the flow of the day as a story of your celebration.

The best spots for portraits at this gorgeous North Jersey wedding venue are in front of the fireplace on the mezzanine, in front of the bank vault door, and in front of the building. These three spots offer so much variety and are truly some of the most picturesque areas in the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, we could even take a few photos in the street outside of the building! A black and white snap on the brick-laden city street is timeless. 

From intimate portraits to fun group shots, there are plenty of places inside and outside of this gorgeous New Jersey wedding venue. Here is a quick photo recap in case you want to research the property before your party arrives: 

  • Under the clock outside of the building’s entrance.
  • Along the cream-colored columns of the side of the building.
  • In front of the decorative bank vault door.
  • On the wraparound mezzanine – by the chandelier sculptures and windows.
  • On the wraparound mezzanine – overlooking The Treasury’s marble floors and the reception setup.
  • On the sidewalk outside of the building.
  • Main mezzanine room with fireplace.
  • Glass entrance door to the main mezzanine room.
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