Hyatt Regency Jersey city wedding

Summer is not over yet! Time for Jersey City Wedding. Last weekend we had a great pleasure to witness beautiful Hyatt Regency Jersey City wedding. Lauren, Jay their dog and rest of the family gathered for a joyful day. The weather was perfect and the breeze form the river was giving a relief from still summer temperature.

Wedding Portraits at Jersey City Graffiti Art Walls

Lauren told me ahead of time that she loves my work and those “artsy” photos in particular. She also asked me to find some wall street art in Jersey City so we could take photos in different surroundings than expected. I thought to myself back than “-It is going to be a photographic feast for me.” I don’t know if you knew but Jersey City has it’s website dedicated to street art and you can find some beautiful gems there. I found a Perfect location for their portraits. Four different walls in one location. How would have thought that it would be in the middle of the city. We took a lot of great shots and have some of them with the lovely dog of theirs too. I would be myself If I didn’t also take some lifestyle shots of two of them in more classic but very stylish backdrop. Our next stop was the post office where we spent few minutes walking along the stairs.

Jersey City Wedding Venue

Hyatt Regency in Jersey City has a perfect location for the wedding ceremony. As the sun casted a shadow over the large patio the ceremony started and in the background you could still see the New York City skyscrapers just bathing in sun. Could be better?! There are plenty of wedding Venues in New Jersey and quite a few have access to Hudson River and Manhattan view. Battello Restaurant, Liberty House and Marine Park – just to name three of them.

Lauren, Jay – Congratulations and all the best form our team for many years to come. I hope to meet you for your baby photoshoot or your friend’s wedding.

Photos: Blazej and Humberto

Hyatt Regency Jersey City wedding vendors:

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