Fort Tryon Park Intimate Wedding Black and White Bride and Groom Portrait

Angela and Eric’s Fort Tryon Park Elopement Wedding was a beautiful affair, held among trees that cast gentle shadows and provided relief from the harsh New York sun. Despite being in a public location, it felt intimate and private. This is just one of many locations throughout New York where you can organize an elopement wedding.

New York has something to offer for every couple looking for an intimate wedding experience. From the urban surroundings of the East Village or New York Library, to the lush greenery of Central Park or community gardens, there’s an elopement location for every taste. As a photographer, I have had the pleasure of capturing elopement celebrations in many of these locations, and each one has been unique and special.

If you are considering an elopement wedding in New York, know that you have many options to choose from. Whether you want a quiet, secluded spot or a bustling, vibrant location, there is something for everyone. Let me help you make your elopement wedding dreams a reality.

Restaurant elopement wedding reception

After the short wedding ceremony, we took a leisurely stroll in Fort Tryon Park, capturing some beautiful photos along the way. The Heather Garden boasts an abundance of decorative plants, and the narrow paths create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for taking stunning wedding portraits.

Later, we made our way to the New Leaf Restaurant, where all the guests had gathered. As the evening passed by with lively chats and speeches, I felt privileged to be a part of this beautiful New York elopement wedding celebration.

I’d be happy to assist you if you’re looking for other locations for your elopement wedding. I also suggest considering the weather, as I believe that Fort Tryon Park Elopement weddings are best organized in early fall or late spring.

All the happiness in the world Angela and Eric!

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

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