Classic and beautiful Country Club to get married

Tam O’Shanter Club might be a dream venue for your wedding. It is a classic choice if you are looking for space that can accommodate a large group of guests. Golf course has plenty of lovely locations to take photos in as well. Just grab a cart, and we can go and explore. Small hills with tall grasses and a large pond in the middle of it all make a lovely scenery. 

Thinking of a first look? Great!

The aisle leading to the club has tall old trees on both sides of the road. Perfect to fit just two of you. You can enjoy each other company in these intimate moments.

The only thing I would consider is the space for getting ready. There is a separate space for both Bride and Groom but it is not design for the best photos you can get. If you can find the place nearby – like a hotel – it would be more beneficial both for you and the outcome of the photos.

Which country club or golf course should you choose for your wedding?

Ok. So you have set your mind on the country club with golf course to get married. Fantastic! All of them have plenty of opportunities. Both long Island and Hudson Valley have much to offer. 

You can start with checking out Fresh Meadows Country Club Wedding or Paramount Country Club.

If you are looking organize wedding in the city and want the golf course Dyker Beach Golf Course might be the way to go. 

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