Windham Manor Wedding – Maria & Kevin

Windham Manor Getting Ready

I always come early for Windham Manor Wedding. Why? Because most of the time there is still breakfast being served. LOL.

Now but with all seriousness. It is quiet a drive and I want to make sure that once I come everything is set in motion and I have enough time to talk to the Bride and make all her wishes come true. If possible of course. 

This time was no different. Maria told me she would like to have certain images during getting ready. With a space in the bridal suite and first floor there is plenty of opportunity to take wonderful images. 


After making some photos upstairs we walked down to find ourselves by the window. I asked if the her bridesmaids can fix her dress and all. This was a brilliant idea. They joked around and photos came out joyful, vivid and true.

And I always look for moments. It happened that this small boy was almost ready too and before we headed out for the first look I captured his mom putting a stylish hat on him before he went out. 


If you have questions about Windham Manor Wedding Venue you might find your answers here.

Windham Manor Bride Getting Ready

Catskills Forest Wedding Adventure

After the first look we had planty of time to stroll around and take photos for Maria and Kevin. The sun was positioned perfectly and the narrow path in the forest leading to the ceremony site is perfect. It is colorful, intimate and lets me create photos with now one disturbing us. 

In Autumn if full of golden foliage and leaves on the ground. I loved to take a longer moment to stay there and capture Maria and Kevin Love.

This Hudson Valley Venue has so many little spaces to take photos. Forest is one of them. for me it is magical and kind of must have in this Catskills Venue. You can of course go by the pond or on the side of the barn. You can take photos with the vintage truck that owners gladly share with the couples. 

All is good but the forest – forest is my favorite. Also in there, lower – by the creak is one of the ceremony locations. Take a look it might be your choice to say – “YES”

Catskills Wedding Couple - Soulmates Studio
Hudson Valley Wedding Couple

Windham Manor Wedding Ceremony

Hudson Valley Wedding

The groom looking at the bride approaching to the ceremony site. Led by her father down the aisle. Makes a powerful image. Doesn’t it? 

The ceremony was very sweet, some moments made loved once tear up a bit. Maria and Kevin were surrounded by their love and attention. Glimpse of sun rays where coming from behind the trees. Quiet shimmer of water in the creak made a background music as they were saying their vows.  Windham Manor Wedding comes with this perks :)!

Windham Manor Forest Wedding Site

Hudson Valley Barn Wedding

I’m sure there are plenty of barn venues for Hudson Valley Wedding. Although this might be true this one is exceptional for me. 

Windham Manor stands where it comes to the quality of service and attention to detail. 

All is done to make sure that the Bride and Groom is well taken care of. Looking at the staff  attending the barn and making last touches makes me think that this is the place I would want to choose for my wedding reception 

Catskills Bride making last touches
Windham Manor Wedding Decorations

The barn itself is very specious. Not only that. It is brand new. It has stone a fire place that adds a lots of charm to the interior. Usually you can decide where you want the sweetheart table to be. Maria and Kevin wanted to be able to see the fire place and decided to sit in between the guest tables. 

Great choice!  

Right before all started we had some time to take few of their portraits at the barn by the fire place. I couldn’t be more happy from the way the came out. 

After that wild party started and we were happy to document every minut of it. 

Maria, Kevin  congrats to you both and let the happy memories  be prevailing. We are happy we could document your Windham Manor wedding

Windham Manor First Dance
Windham Manor Cake Cutting
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