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Windham Manor Barn Wedding Reception

If you’re looking for Catskills wedding venues, you’ll want to add Windham Manor to your list! Earthy and natural yet stately and elegant. It’s a dream come true for couples looking for something that offers the best of both worlds. 

From the forest and fields to the barn and the pond, there are several scenic locations where I can celebrate and capture your love. If you’re planning a fall wedding, like Erin and Adam or Maria and Kevin, you’ll become mesmerized by the way the sun peeks through the thinning trees and color pops in every direction

When the weather cooperates, taking outdoor photos at this Catskills wedding venue is something straight out of a fairy tale. And when it doesn’t, the backup options are almost as beautiful. The inside of the barn is spacious and elegant, charming and lively. It futures warm wood tones and a fire crackling inside the gorgeous stone fireplace.

The interior ceremony and photo spots make Windham Manor one of the best upstate New York barn wedding venues in the off-season, too! Whether you’re planning to say I do in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll have everything you need to make happy memories. From first looks and vows to photos, dinners, and dance parties, there’s something magical in the air at Windham. 

Romantic and welcoming, it’s no wonder so many couples choose Catskills Wedding location for their special day. I look forward to every lawn, barn wedding, and forest wedding I photograph at Windham. If you’re still evaluating options, or you’ve landed on a Windham Manor wedding but still have questions, I’m here to help.

Windham Manor Barn

Windham Manor Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year for an upstate New York wedding?

While the timing of your wedding is a uniquely personal decision, there are a few things that should always factor in. When it comes to weather and lighting for photos, late spring, late summer and autumn are the two best times of year for a wedding. This is particularly true of a country wedding, where you’re surrounded by lush, natural scenery and dazzling colors!

However, Windham Manor is available year-round, so if you want a spring or winter wedding in a gorgeous Catskills barn venue, the option is still there. The manor house offers quaint, cozy, and warm rooms for guests to stay in overnight, and the barn is heated. 

There is also a fireplace in the barn, which makes a beautiful backdrop for portraits, and is the perfect spot to grab a drink and swap stories as the party winds down.

Fall Catskills Wedding
Autumn Catskills Wedding

Where is the best first-look spot during a Windham Manor wedding?

With various scenic spots around the Windham Manor property, you’ll have a few options for first-look locations. But you can’t beat the forest alleys leading to the outdoor ceremony spot by the creek. They’re private enough that you can steal a moment to yourselves without being too far away from your family and friends, and surrounded by beautiful, towering trees. 

First Look at Forest Wedding
Windham Manor Barn Wedding

Can we still do a first look if it rains?

If you want to do a first look, don’t let the rain stop you. There are plenty of covered and beautiful spaces where this can take place, including the covered area outside of the barn and the manor porch. No matter what the weather throws at you, the kind and friendly staff at Windham Manor are very good at organizing, setting up, and keeping things going smoothly!

Why would I ask the groom to get ready in the barn suite?

The barn suite is spacious and comfortable and is close to the preferred first-look location. Additionally, it’s far enough removed from the manor house (where the bride will get ready) that you can feel confident you won’t see each other until you’re ready. That makes it the perfect place for the groom’s suite. 

What time of day is best for a Windham Manor wedding ceremony?

To make the most of this naturally scenic and lovely location, I would suggest timing the ceremony to take place two hours before sunset. This way, we can take photos of the two of you right after the ceremony, featuring soft, natural lighting. After we finish this round of pictures, you’ll be able to attend your cocktail hour and interact with your guests.

Upstate New York Forest Wedding
Windham Manor Wedding
Windham Manor Wedding Ceremony

Is the enchanted forest the best location for the ceremony?

You may already know there are several possible locations for your ceremony. But which one is the best? While each is beautiful in its own way, they have different strengths. 

The forest is the ideal spot during hot summer days and scorching autumn afternoons. Not only is it magical and romantic, with the sun peeking through the trees, but it also offers some shade for you and your guests. 

On overcast days or moderate fall days before sunset, the lawn between the barn and the pond is sprawling and scenic, with incredible views and easy access for all guests. And on cold or rainy days, you can plan ahead to put up tents on the lawn, or the ceremony can be held inside the barn. 

There are 10,000 square feet of space inside the barn, and every inch of it is something to admire. With a dazzling chandelier, a large stone fireplace, high ceilings, and wooden beams, the barn combines a vintage design with elegant decor, making for an unforgettable wedding day.

New York Forest Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony spot seating and spacing suggestion.

Whether you choose the enchanted forest, the sprawling lawn, or a beautiful barn Windham Manor wedding ceremony, there should be some distance between where you stand and where your guests sit. But how much distance should there be? 

If possible, leaving 8 to 10 feet between the ceremony spot and the first row of benches will ensure that we can safely and discreetly walk around and take photos without getting in the way. This spacing also ensures that your guests see more of the ceremony and that those in the first row are more comfortable because they aren’t looking up at you too much and straining their necks. It will always allow your wedding party to shine and the bride’s wedding gown to be fully spread. After all, I want to take the best ceremony photos for you and you want all the guests to see as much as possible. 

What are our ceremony options if it rains?

We’ve all heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, and I know this to be true! If the forecast is looking grim, don’t panic. Your Windham Manor wedding day will still be beautiful, elegant, and joyful. If there’s enough time, you can rent tents to shelter everyone during a ceremony on the lawn. 

But the easier and more Instagram-worthy location may be inside the barn. There’s plenty of space, ideal lighting, a sound system, temperature control, and everything else you need to make your wedding ceremony magical. The cocktail hour and reception will also take place in the barn, so you won’t have to worry about getting wet before taking pictures or transitioning all of your guests to another location in the rain. 

Windham Manor Forest Wedding Site

What are must-have spots for photos at Windham Manor?

The Forest

There is no shortage of beautiful spots for Windham Manor wedding photos! On pleasant weather days, the forest flows with inspiration. The tree-lined alleys, the ceremony spot, and the creek are perfect for natural, adventurous, and sunny shots of your big day. For beautiful views of the mountains in the background, I recommend the barn balcony and the lawn behind the barn.  

The balcony, front of the barn, and ally leading to the bridge are also excellent spots for nighttime photos. If you want some moody photos after the sun goes down, or you’re doing a sparkler sendoff at the end of the night, these would be the perfect spots. Another adventurous setting for photos is by the stream right be the forest ceremony location. 

When the weather is nice, we can get edgy, one-of-a-kind photos by the shimmering water, after the ceremony. I’ve even photographed a couple who was bold enough to take their shoes off and dance over to the other side! The shimmering stream and dazzling sun call to adventurous couples who choose the magic of a Windham Manor wedding.

The Balcony

The balcony on the second floor of the barn is a great photography vantage point for your first dance. It’s a beautiful spot to capture this special moment. 

The LaWN

The lawn in front of the manor also offers a beautiful view of the mountains, and the manor house in the background stands tall and quaint, adding something special to an already special day. From the pond area, we can take pictures that include the bridge and barn in the background, the mountains, or both! It looks especially beautiful after the sunset when the lights illuminate the barn and fire torches on the side of the ally leading to the bridge are lighten. This gives a romantic glow to your photos. 

The Vintage Truck

Another great option for portraits and small or medium-sized bridal parties is with the owners’ vintage truck. Green Chevrolet is ready for you whenever you are and it’s quite a point of interest for all the guests. 

The Meadow

And last but not least, we have my favorite: the meadow area behind the pond. That is a lovely spot for sunset photos! Narrow paths cut into the wilderness give lots of opportunities for that lively full-of-energy running and dancing photos. I love using movement as an artistic medium. It also allows you to get more relaxed and go with the flow. 

SoulmatesStudio - Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer
Windham Manor Wedding

Windham Manor Portrait Location List

So, there you have it. The best places to take pictures at Windham Manor are 

  • The forest alleys
  • The barn balcony
  • The stream
  • The manor house lawn
  • The lawn behind the barn
  • The pond area
  • By the vintage truck 
  • The meadow behind the pond (ideal for sunsets) 
  • In front of the fireplace inside the barn (if it’s raining) 

While I consider these the best spots for pictures, keep in mind that I will take your portraits while you get ready and during cocktail hour. Throughout the reception, we can sneak away for a few night shoots if you are up for it. 

Modern Catskills Wedding

Where does the sun set and when?

Sunset wedding photos can be truly spectacular but also require advanced planning. I can help you with this. As the sun goes down, it blankets the meadow on the west side of the manor, making this the best spot for posing against the sunset. Ideally, we would head there right after the ceremony and before you meet your guests at the cocktail hour. 

The timing of the sunset depends on the season, and it can vary even from week to week during the season, too. This easy one to research. A quick Google query will reveal the exact sunset time on your wedding day, making it easier to plan and schedule the day’s activities. 

For example, a search for “Sunset time on October 16 2023 in Windham NY?” tells you that the sun will set at 6:14 p.m. Then, I recommend scheduling your ceremony two hours earlier to get the timing right, so that we have a perfect light for sunset portraits. You will still enjoy cocktail hour in the warmth of the afterglow. 

How much time do you need the coverage to be?

I can get a well-rounded image collection in nine hours. This will give me enough time to photograph the ceremony, cocktail hour, portraits, bridal party, reception, and all the in-between moments. But it won’t leave me much time for the prep portion of the day besides the bride putting on the gown and some portraits. 

If you want more detailed pictures during the getting ready phase of your wedding day, I recommend ten hours instead of nine. This gives us the additional time needed to take the more detailed shots of things like matching robes, bridesmaids helping the bride into her dress, card games, and impromptu dance parties while the bridal party prepares for the big day!

I find that documenting the getting ready portion as a part of your wedding day in Catskills is especially important if you would like to have a photo album afterward. It will allow me to show the flow of the day as a story of your celebration. 

Catskills Wedding - Soulmates Studio
Windham Manor Wedding Party

Where are the best spots for family, wedding parties, and other group photos at Windham Manor?

The best spot for group photos depends on the number of people, the weather, and the time of day. Family photos should be finished before guests arrive for the ceremony. This way, we can stay on schedule and get all the shots in all the spots you want! 

The side of the barn on the gravel pathway is a beautiful spot and easily accessible for older family members. The lawn behind the barn is a great spot for groups of all sizes, while the ceremony spot is better for smaller groups. And if it rains, we will head into the barn and use a beautifully decorated ceremony location for your family portraits.

What size wedding can you have at Windham?

Windham is a unique Catskills wedding venue with a beautiful, spacious barn built in 2019. The barn can comfortably accommodate 300 guests. It’s temperature controlled with heating and cooling, so they can host your barn wedding ceremony and/or reception any day of the year. 

There’s also a large stone fireplace for a cozy aesthetic and additional heat, a bridal suite, an indoor balcony with incredible views that span the perimeter, an outdoor balcony that overlooks the mountains, and two custom-made wooden bars (one outside, one inside.) With plenty of space inside and out, you won’t have to worry about the space getting too cramped. 

After the reception, can we stay overnight in the manor house?

If you’re planning a Windham Manor wedding, you may want to let guests know ahead of time what their lodging options are. With 12 bedrooms and ten bathrooms, the manor house can host up to 33 guests. Most of the time, this is enough room for the couple and their closest friends and family members, and it allows the special day to live on a little longer!

Booking this space gives you additional time to spend with your loved ones, enjoy a bonfire, decompress at the spa, and relax before you go on your honeymoon or head home to enjoy your new life together. 

Other lodging options for upstate New York weddings can be found throughout Windham. If you have a large number of guests, they can book rooms at nearby hotels. I’m sure Windham Manor staff will give you great recommendations. 

In addition to the 12 luxurious bedrooms with flat-screen TVs, the manor also has an on-site gym, a full-service spa, a fire pit, two decks, free Wi-Fi, multiple fireplaces, and central air. Spa services must be booked ahead of your visit. The House is also where the bride and bridesmaids will get ready on the Big Day, and it is beautiful inside and outside. 

Windham Manor Wedding Night Portraits
Vintage truck wedding - Soulmates Studio
Does the manor house offer any extra amenities?

In addition to the 12 luxurious bedrooms with flat-screen TVs, the manor also has an on-site gym, a full-service spa, a fire pit, two decks, free Wi-Fi, multiple fireplaces, and central air. Spa services must be booked ahead of your visit. The House is also where the bride and bridesmaids will get ready on the Big Day, and it is beautiful inside and outside.

Barn Wedding Night Portraits

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