Wedding photography of bride and groom kissing at the entrance of Cop Cot gazebo in Central Park in New York.

Central Park Cop Cot is quite a beautiful spot for elopement wedding. There are of course other locations – the park is huge. It was mid summer and like most of summer days in NYC it was hot and humid, but that didn’t stop this lovely couple to gather with the family and friends to celebrate their marriage. The shade under the wooden gazebo provides just a perfect shade. It also gives me an even nice and soft light to work with. I think it was very nice that they took care of the wedding details. Printed Invitation and little wooden holder for the rings gave just a right amount of personal touch. Formalities are minor anr it will take a short time before you can say “-yes” to your love one. The ceremony was special. It was a match of two traditions.

Her’s from Thailand and his Jewish elements were picturesque. They managed to break the glass and pray over a lotus flower held in the joined hands. All was followed by sweet personal vows. I found it was a nice touch when their friend was playing a guitar in between. After that I took them for a walk in Central Park. I lead them over the hills, under the bridges and narrow paths. We took some elopement photos with Manhattan skyscrapers in the background as well. Such a fulfilling time with two of the. I’m very happy I could witness and photograph their love during this Central Park Cop Cot Elopement Wedding.

Here is other Central Park Elopement Wedding in the different location. Take a look – pick your favorite. If you are still over the fence regarding elopement or traditional wedding I have put together a blogpost highlighting advantages of intimate weddings in New York. If you plan to get hitched in this New York City Lendmark you might want visit Central Park website.

Venue: Central Park Cop Cot

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

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