Williamsburg and Domino Park engagement session


When I asked Emily what was the special place for her and Cory she immediately responded: – Williamsburg. In this one location the whole story of their relationship has started. Since the moment I knew that, I also knew it is a perfect place to show their love for each other. Williamsburg and Domino Park engagement session started to be carefully planned accordingly. Emily was telling me that “The little hidden gems” are everywhere. As we followed our path they both were pointing out streets, cafes and restaurants they love. Full Circle Bar was with them form the beginning. They used to spent their time together having drinks and playing games from time to time which are set up in a back room. Before we started Emily and Cory had a whole plan of the places they wanted to have phots at. It was little after 4pm when we started at the Marcy Ave Subway station. We followed with their favorite bar. After that – wall art on near by streets. From there we moved near river – rushed by the wind – we took few photos by the Brooklyn Brewery and headed on to Domino Park for the sun set.

Little Gems of Williamsburg

First of all I am no expert on Williamsburg  and the area changes all the time. Therefore I realize that some of this places might not exist or look different in upcoming time. For this reason please plan ahead and it is a good idea to scout the place yourself prior to deciding in which locations you want to do your engagement session. They are everywhere you turn as I mentioned and we could spent whole day naming them. To point just a few among others: the corner of Roebling Street and Fillmore – has not only the wall art but also some great town houses to use as a backdrop. The next would be the corner of N10th and Union Ave – you can find some wall art here again but also nice restaurants with possibilities to take some photos. Moving on, on the corner of Wythe Ave and N 7th. the is a pizza place with a great rustic interior called Shelter.

Domino Park and surrounding

On the back of Domino Park there is a urban farm. You must remember the glass house Tom Fruin’s Stained Glass House. It once was a part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Now it is a part of the farm and looks just great in there. Finally the Domino Park wich is new. I love it. The moment I set my foot there I saw how many opportunities for engagement photos it has. Old cranes are complemented by Taco Joint and its pink neon hanging over the place. In the background is probably one the most spectacular views of Manhattan and bridges. There is one thing to remember though. In order to do some more commercial photoshoot – even have an assistant holding the light requires permit form park authorities.

Altogether it was a great fun and pleasure to have Emily and Cory guide me through their Williamsburg. The engagement session in Williamsburg and Domino Park is a perfect idea to spent two hours getting to know each other and taking photos. I hope I will be a more frequent guest there.

Photos: Blazej Sendzielski

Assistant: Gerald

Special thanks to: Full circle Bar

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